Chennai experience with malgova aunty

My name is Pradeep, a south Indian guy working in IT company Chennai. After reading FSI stories, I thought of sharing my personal experience with you guys. This Chennai experience with Malgova aunty happened a few months back.

After office hours I used to browse a lot of things. Also, I had registered a few dating sites to catch some fishes. If we ping 20 girls, we will get 1 or 2 replies. What to do in their point of view is correct since they can’t believe every stranger.

One Friday night (Friday or Saturday night most of the females come online and they do spend some time for chatting), I sent “hi” messages to few online girls, luckily I got a reply from one person. While chatting with her I come to know her name is Preeti (Name changed). She is married and has one small boy.

We chat almost every day and I hope I established the trust. One fine day she shared her contact number and asked me to give a call. For this moment I waited around 2 months. I called and spoke with her more than 2 hours on that day, but we didn’t speak anything about sex. While speaking I just threw few double meaning words in Tamil and English, she just laughed but not responded. As usual expectation

or excitement, I requested her to share her photo, she said you share your photo first and then I will share mine. After 30 mins, I received a photo full of excitement I opened the photo. Oh, man, she was looking gorgeous in saree, white in color, beautiful face( In Tamil we usually call that kind of aunty as Malgova maami). I just told her that u are looking beautiful your husband is lucky. Again the days were rolled on, after a week, I received msg from her to meet in some famous coffee shop which is located in Adyar. That’s the first time I m going to meet her, so dressed up nicely and waiting in the shop. She came in Activa and parked near the shop and no doubt she is the one I m going to meet her. At that moment itself, I have decided to open her protected seal with my rod.

She just came and sat in front of me. I was in full excitement and thinking “wow great got a quality aunty”. I could clearly see her cleavage. My dick came to 90-degree position when I look at her mangoes(big boobs). I assumed it should be 36 c size but later come to know one size is more. Started discussing various things finally paid the bill. When she is about to leave, I asked can we go to someplace and I will drop you here. She politely said I am running out of time will meet another day and you will feel happy on that day. I guess it’s a green signal after long awaiting yellow signal for so many days. I was telling to my brother (6.5-inch length and good amount o of thickness) that soon you are going to travel through the golden tunnel.

After a few days, one fantastic Friday evening, it was raining, she called & asked me, the climate is chill; we can go to some place; come immediately if you are available. At that time, I was attending some call. Abruptly cut the call and started my car and I was driving fast thinking that I should not miss this wonderful opportunity. Picked her up and turned the car to ECR road.

Till Ecr toll just discussing work we family after crossing the toll, I slowly touched her hand and fingers pretending that accidentally touched like. She smiled and stared at me. I got positive energy since there is no negative action from her. I slowing down the speed; saying and praising her; lips are beautiful; you have a very good body; what a color; glittering; a body like this can easily pull out any person; outside view itself this much beautiful means how inside beauty will like.; Omg; I was telling all these words by the time car came to complete stop. Very less light outside since it is raining. I just turned off the engine. pressed her fingers first it feels so soft, then slowly move to her arms she was wearing blouse; put two fingers inside the blouse hand and reached her armpits again took my fingers out. She was moaning slowly and she made her pallu down; wow I see the complete view of those big watermelons. I started kissing her slowly as she was also eating my lips by saying your lips are good. I

utilized the opportunity I was kissing around 10 mins in the same I don’t know how I removed her bra hooks; now those two are under my hand control. This is the time to squeeze how much as I can. Pressed like anything and slowly moved my mouth and grasped her needle-like nipple. Even there is no milk, I did action like drinking milk for 10 mins; by the time my drilling machine woke up and powered on. She opened my zip and take my drilling machine out and jerking; wow it’s a feeling of flying in the sky. Even in that low light condition, her body was glittering like anything. I was kissing her from head to navel. She said the front seat is not comfortable let’s move to back seat.

I said ok and we started kissing each other. Her top part is completely empty only bottom part left in saree. I just spread her legs and pulled saree all the up from the bottom. Wow, what a leg and thigh. It’s glittering. I kissed as much as I can in her thighs and slowly started pressing those with my hands. At this moment her eyes were closed and she was moaning but loudly and told me to insert my rod in her hole. I took my rod out and touched her thighs, pulled her panty down; I could smell her pussy juice inside the car; it increased my mood. I made her lie on the seat and spread her legs and jumped on her top again pressed and hugged her body. She was unable to control. She shouted to fuck her very hard in Tamil and English words. I inhale full air and preparing myself and my engine ready for a powerful ride.

Suddenly heard cops car siren sound. It might be

highway patrol car. (Someone might have noticed car dancing position.) I am not sure. Oops, it’s a bad time. We dressed up fast and just I moved to the driver seat and started my car). I was very careful about her because she came with me & she should not face or involved in any problems.

My bad time finally that didn’t happen on that day.. will share again the

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