Drilled friends mom on lunch

This happened on a usual Sunday, an unusual thing. I and my friend’s family are planned to get together for lunch. Me, my mom, my friend Sam and his mom Michelle.

Luckily his father got an office assignment so he didn’t turn up. Right from the beginning, I had an eye on her but I never crossed my limit, as it may spoil the relationship.

Her assets are mouthwatering, 36-26-36 and her age is 36, 5’4 height. They arrived around 12. I just said wow in my mind by looking at her blue skirt, which was above her knees and couldn’t take off my eyes from her.

I guess she read my mind and passed a smile to me. We started having lunch, I sat between Michelle and my friend while having food she held my hand under the table.

I thought it was my mistake but she had something else in her mind which I understood later. While serving food I spilled cold drinks on her dress which was unintentional. So I bid a time from my mom and friend and took her to upstairs for dress change.

Here the main story comes. As soon as we entered she locked the door behind me which I didn’t notice and she stood exactly behind me while I was taking the clothes from the wardrobe.

Accidentally I touched her side boobs, the feeling was not explainable and felt they are heavy. She just passed a teasing smile. I handover they dress to her and me about to leave, she said stay here, I don’t mind if you stay.

Me – I’m on heaven and watched her drenched boobs which seems like getting big, which she noticed my eyes but just smiling.

Michele – what you looking!
Me – nothing.
Michele – don’t lie. I saw you while you star at my boobs. Aren’t you ashamed to look at your mom’s breast?
Me – I’m ashamed to look my mom’s breast not yours.

For which she had taken back and look mischievously. How dare you to say that! What if your friend and mom heard about this? She just took a moment.

Michele – Have you ever loved by a woman.
Me – I had with my girlfriend a lot of times
Michele – I asked a woman not a girl mother fucker.

Me – why did you call me mother fucker.
Michele – That’s what you’ll do.
Me – I didn’t understand her, in a flash moment she walked up to me, pulled my head to into her boobs.

My God I couldn’t able to realize what’s happening and I’m still in shock.

Michele – what else you are waiting for MF.
Me – I just tried to hold her boobs, she’s way bigger than I thought and quickly opened her bra and found it is 38C and there is fine sag which is completely ignorable.

I started squeezing my hands mercilessly and I see no pain in her face rather she’s enjoying.

I did all the mischievous things with her boobs and ducked one after another like a kid.

Michele – stop eating MF, quickly undress and let’s get into the bigger business.

Me – I quickly did myself and to her. My God her ass is awesome which are like big balloons. I started squeezing them while I kissed her.

Michele – on her knees, OMG… you got bigger than my husband and son.

Me – what? Your son?

Michele – I saw him a couple of times while he masturbates.

Me – what Felling do you have on me? A son or a man.

Michele – Same as you have on me
Mom then son, a man than a woman. Now, this is not the time to discuss.

She’s an expert in blow job. Took my complete 8-inch cock and then took my both balls inside her mouth.

Me – do more, let cum soon.

Michele – Observed my tension, stopped sucking and just gave a slight slap on my balls.

Me – it gave me sharp pain and took a moment, why did you slap?

Michele – I don’t want you to cum soon. Now it’s your turn.

Me – started fingering her pushy which is completely shaved in pink color and then I did tongue sucking for 10 mins. I observed her tension I gave a painful slap on her pussy.

Michele – She got angry. Why did you slap me?.

Me – I don’t want you to cum quickly

She smiled mischievously. No respect for elders

In the meanwhile, my mom is shouting from the down dining room.

Michelle – I’m not finding the right fit as I have a function after this, replied to mom.

My mom – make it quick, food is getting cold.

Michele – Said in low Voice, her too.

Me – I quickly pointed my cock into her and started fucking hard. I can see her facial reactions which lead to surprise. I thought she would be in pain instead she is smiling at me and moaning.

I asked her, you said my cock is bigger than your husband but it doesn’t seem to be painful to you

Michele – That’s true. It doesn’t mean that I never had a bigger cock

Me – which again surprised me.

Michele – Asked me to fuck in doggie style

Me – I want to see her in pain so I pulled her hair back and squeezed her thighs together and I didn’t let her fall on her stomach, so I can give her more pain.

Michele – you mother fucker, you got finally what you want.

Me – started beating her ass cheeks which turned pink-red on her white ass.

Michele – Stop it, it is painting.

Me – I stopped.

Michele – looked back in thank full way.

Me – By the time she feels relaxed, I kept my hand on her mouth and boobs, plunged my cock hard in her ass.

Michele gave a loud scream and turned back, can see pain her eyes.

I quickly closed her mouth with mine while I squeezing her boob mercilessly. I’m sure now; she’s having both pain and pleasure. After 5 minutes of continuous fucking in her ass, I quickly turned her towards me and I again plunged my cock in her ass.

Now, we are fucking in missionary position.

I understood I can’t hold anymore.

Michele – Don’t cum in me I’m nearing to my periods.

I locked her lips with mine and locked her hands with mine. She is still shaking her head as NO. I deposited deep in her womb which filled her pussy and came outside.

Michele said – don’t cum in me and pushed away and started checking her pussy and gave an angry look. Who is responsible MF If get pregnant?

In the meanwhile, my mom again shouted.

We changed dress and while leaving she came to me and gave me a deep kiss for 2 minutes and left.

My friend is shouting already they are late to the function and they left quickly.

Next day, Michele called me and said that his son was suspecting that something fishy might have happened but somehow she managed and he’s upset with me.

After which, we again fucked in her house. Still going on … that’s another great story. This is my true story.

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