My neighbor Aunty Anjali

My neighbor Aunty Anjali

My self Arun. That time I was in class 11 and I live with my parents and younger sister at my house in Durgapur, West Bengal. My neighbor Anjali aunty lives just beside our house with her daughter Samita.

That time I was not aware of his husband as I never seen him. she stays along with her daughter. Anjali Aunty has a good relationship with our family, especially with my mom.

She was around 37-40 years old a bold lady. Truly speaking several times I thought about her to feel horny. Many time I waited to see her. When she comes to our house to meet my mother. I just try to watch her body.

Most of the time she uses to wear saree and in saree, she look very pretty. I love to watch her back while she walks. She has a big round ass too. She uses to wear the saree very tightly on her body, so it was visible of her panty impression over the saree. while I am growing my thinking on her has changed. Very honest. I wanted to get her.

One day I cannot control my self. and I try to observe her in her bathroom through the ventilator hole. I waited for along with the mosquito bite finally, I saw her while she came to the bathroom for a pee.

I was totally mad while she just pulled up her nightdress up on her waist and pulled down her light pink color panty till her knee and sat on her feet to pee. I heard pee noise.

Its makes me hornier. First time I saw a little bit of exposed thigh and bum of her. I just held my dick and tried to get the excitement. That day I cannot wait for long to see her again as I have to go to school. That night again I thought about her pee and jerk my dick.

From the next day, I was a dedicated observer. When I was in my home without disturbance (less family member in my house or they were busy with some intense job so that they cannot notice my movements and intention) I just wanted to see her complete nude.

One day I saw her while she was putting oil on her body before bathing. It was an amazing visual for me. That time she was in petticoat and blouse.

She put the oil on her thigh and hip. I was just amazed to see that. Her hip was very big and round. I wanted to touch her back. Her thigh was also very thick and smooth. I couldn’t control my self to see her back.

When she just turned around I saw her front It was a treat for my eyes. Though she was ware the blouse but the all the knots were opened. For the first time, I saw her two big melons.

She was putting oil on her leg. while oiling she lift up the petticoat till the belly. I saw her pussy area full with black here. I wanted to fill that too. I was very confuse to chose her body to see.

At the top, I can see two big boobs hang on her breast. though her boobs little bit stuck down her nipple still focusing on top. Her nipple was deep brown in color with round spot around that.

And in the middle a big pussy with lot many here on it and smooth thick thighs. I started jerking my dick to see Anjali aunty. after oiling her leg and thigh she started to oiling her breast. I saw her armpit too. It was hairy but not with thick hairs like her pussy area.

After oiling, she started bathing. I was just waiting to see her completely nude. But some reason she did not remove her petticoat and blouse while bathing.

After getting wet, her petticoat got stuck on her hips and thighs. I can visualize her complete body. After bathing, she just tried to warp up her wet body by the towel. Till that time she didn’t remove her petticoat and blouse.

Even after bathing, she lashed up the blouse hook and just put the towel on her upper body and came out from the bathroom. While she was going out. I didn’t wanted to happen in my unconsciousness I made a nose.

She just turned around on curiosity. I tried to hide myself to stuck down from the ventilator hole. I was hoping that. She has not seen me. If she saw me then it will be my end as Anjali aunty was a good friend of my mother and she has respect from me as well. I just hiding there for a few moments and then go away from my home.

In the evening I was expecting the different situation in my home while I came back but the real situation was normal like another day. At that night I thought about Aunjali aunty and jerked two times.

In the next day when I first time faced Anjali aunty in our area (mohalla) initially I just stuck down my eyes from her eye due to the fear of yesterdays incident but after few moments I realize everything is normal. Anjali aunty not aware about the incident but I can fill her in nude eve she was wearing a blue color, Kurti. while she crossed me. I turned around and start to watch her back. her bum and waist were moving erotically. I was just thinking if I can fill her big round bum. wanted to rub badly. From that day I tried to observe her body in every possible moment.