Wedding always makes a story – 3

Wedding always makes a story 3

She took her purse and saw the time on her mobile, it was 7:50 pm. She got her Shwal properly and we reach. We got off the bus and took a rickshaw home. We reach about 8 and had our dinner.

I went to my room and sat studying but I was thinking about her. Next morning mom called me and asked me to help her take some stuff to my brother’s house, the wedding house.

There was a program tonight, where all the ladies sit all night, singing folk songs. From there Chachaji took me to the market and there after I was with chachu, from one place to another.

I was tired by the evening. It was 7 pm and I went to the wedding house and sat beside my mom. I talked a bit with her and then got busy with my phone. By 8 pm almost every women was there.

I couldn’t stay there any longer and went to the terrace. It was cold there but quite, but it didn’t stayed much longer, the program started. I got my earphones on and turned the volume to full but after a while, I could still hear them. I sat there for a while and then decided to go home.

I went downstairs and told Mom that I was going home. She stopped me and called bhuhaji and asked her to get me my dinner. She took me to the other room and bring me my dinner and she sat beside me.

We talked normally and I found out that even she wasn’t liking the noise much so I said that we can go to our home and she agreed. I had my dinner and she had her too. I told Mom that we are leaving and we went home.

In the way, she stopped talking to someone and I  went forward to unlock the doors. I opened my room and got my pajamas. I opened my pants and was about to wear my pajamas when she entered the room and sat beside me, standing in underwear, very normally.

I quickly wore my pajamas and sat and took my books. I opened a blanket and she also got in the same blanket. She was using her phone for some time and then she slept.

After sometime at about 9, papa entered the house and called my name. I replied and he came to my room. He asked me about chachu and hearing is talking, bhuhaji’s woke up.

Papa asked she want to use any other room, as all the rooms were empty, she can be comfortable alone but she replied that she don’t want to be alone and will stay here and help me study.

Papa wished us good night and told to lock the door before we sleep and he went back. I was seating with my legs crossed and back straight just touching the wall. She came near me and sat holding me.

Her left hand was across me right hand. Her right hand was on my book and her left shoulderwas on my back. Her head was on my shoulder hand her legs were folded like the way girls sit, and thighs were touching my right thigh.

The book was on my laps and I was holding the left side of the book with my left hand and my right hand was relaxed in my right thigh. Her right hand was on the book and left hand was holding my right hand near my elbow.

My elbow was touching her left boob. I was studying science. The chapter was light maybe, there was a human eye on the page, I remember. I was studying it’s working. She asked me about it and I explained it.

After a while, she got boarded and she rested her back on the wall. I kept my right hand on her right thigh and everything was normal. She straightened her legs and didn’t remove my hand so it slipped to the upper side of her left thigh. Her salwar was aside and my hand was on her leg but her eyes were closed.

I said we should sleep and fell gently on her thighs. My cheek was on her left thigh, just below her belly and my left hand was on her thigh. I was facing towards her toes and her pussy was just above my head. She kept her right hand on my head and moved her finger through my hair’s.

We lied there for a moment and then I got up. I took my books and kept them aside. I went to the kitchen to drink some water and asked her if she needs some. She denied and I came back. I locked the main boot and went into my room. She was using her phone.

I got in the blanket. She got up and went to the bathroom. I took my phone. I had a habit of playing chess at that time and so started playing it. She came back with her bra in her hand. She got in the blanket beside me and said that I’ll play too.

I quit my match and started a 2 player match. We were both lying and I was holding the phone with my hands up. She was on my left. I was holding the phone with my hands straight up, as I don’t keep the phone too close to my eyes. So she too had to raise her hands to play. It was a hard match.

We were enjoying a lot. We were very close and our shoulder, hips, and legs were touching. She had her hands up and when it is her turn I moved my hand towards her and my hand use to touch her boobs every time I moved my arm.

She wasn’t wearing a bra so every touch was smooth and soft between my hand and her big soft boobs. I was enjoying but then I made a wrong move and my queen was in danger.

to be continued …

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