True Indian sex story – Sex with beautiful Lady doctor in Mumbai

Sex with beautiful Lady doctor

True Indian sex story – Hi everyone I am Vishnu 32 yrs young 5.11 and slim good looking person live in Hyderabad. I am going to tell my true story in my life that happened. I don’t want to waste time and I will come quickly to the story and this is my 3rd story. Actually, it happened in Mumbai on FEB 2018.

I was going Mumbai from Hyderabad by flight on Jan early morning 5.45 and it reaches at 7.10 am for a personal trip. I reached the airport and boarded my flight. I got a window seat. After 3 mins a young beautiful lady came and requested me for a window seat.  I have no option and said OK please take my seat. She is too beautiful with a perfect body and we exchanged our names. Her name was Priya (name changed) 28 years old. She is a doctor and she lives in Mumbai.

Priya came to Hyderabad with her husband for a festival and she got a call from her hospital that she had to attend a medical surgery and so she is going back alone. So we talked about each other’s profession. After 30 mins of the conversation, she asked me about my girlfriends I told that I don’t have any. She said hmm tell yaar.

I really don’t have girlfriend Priya I’m in search of a good friend.

She was very friendly and exchanged some topics about movies and food etc. She became like a close friend.

And after some time she asked me which place you are going to Mumbai and I told her I have a meeting in Bandra from 4 pm to 5 pm.

She asked so where you stay meanwhile?

I told I’ll take a hotel near to the meeting venue.

She asked me why don’t you come to my place and it is very near to Bandra 5 mins drive, I will drop you on the way to my hospital I’ll go at 3 pm to the hospital so no problem for me.

I was very happy to hear that from her and I sad, ok and finally we reached Mumbai. She picked up her luggage and we went to her flat. It was very nice and big and she told me to feel it like my home.

After 15 mins she changed her dress and came in a nighty. Wow she looks like an angle and we chit chat for some time and finally, she asked me about my sex life.  I was very happy to hear the word “sex” from her and I told Priya that I had sex with a housewife in past.

And then I asked her “what about your sex life before marriage, did u had sex with anyone?

She says no only my husband.

I asked how is your sex life after marriage?

She said OK, but her husband is too busy with his work and he can’t stay for more than 5 mins in bed.

I asked so you are looking for some more sexual satisfaction>

She said not really but I want to.

I asked her can I ask you something but please don’t mind.

She said hey come-on what?

Can I fulfill your dream if u don’t have any problem?

She was silent for 2 mins and so I said sorry I’m really sorry for asking you that.

No actually, to be frank, I want to ask you for that because you look like a very good person and you shared everything with me genuinely. So I’m very impressed with you and but it is only for 1 time and never ask me again for sex. I have a family and a very good name in society.

I agreed and I promised her.

She kissed me on my lips. Wow so sweet! And my hand moved to her boobs.

I started pressing her boobs and she kept kissing my lips for 5 mins. And then we moved to her bedroom.  She removed my dress and she was in her nighty. I start pressing her boobs and other hand touching her very soft pussy. I can’t wait and I hugged her slowly removing her nighty. She was in her bra and panty. I slowly started kissing her and removed bra and panty wow.

She had a milky angel clean shave pink pussy and very hygienic too. I started kissing and licking her pussy lips and we are in 69 positions for 5 mins. I tasted her wet pussy juice orgasms drop’s and it tastes salty and nice too. And after 2 mins I was going to cum!

I told her about that and she said its OK cum no problem and I cum in her mouth and face. We both went to the bathroom and I cleaned my dick and she washed her face.

I started pressing her boobs and hugged the nude hot body. After fingering her pussy for some time She turned back and I inserted my cock into her pussy and started fucking her pussy in doggy style. I fucked her at full speed and she too enjoyed it.

We moved to the bedroom and she started fucking me from the top position.

She was on the top of me and started fucking. She looked like a porn star while fucking me. She was also very hot and she knew the best in sex techniques as she is a doctor.

After fucking her for 10 mins, I told her I was about to cum she stopped fucking me for 2 mins and told me OK let’s change the position.

I was at the top of her and I fucked for 5 mins. I cummed inside her pussy. She was very happy and told me that this was the best sex she had in her life and said can we do it in the night again after our work completed. I postponed my flight for next day morning and full night 4 to 5 times we had sex in different angles.

When I woke up in morning, she was sleep and Priya was in the nude on the bed. So I got again in the mood I started licking her pussy and slowly started fucking in her sleep. She woke up and we fucked for 15 mins. After that we went to the bathroom and both freshened up.

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Guys sorry in advance I cant share her details please don’t ask.