First time sex experience with sex starved accounts teacher


Hello FSI readers! This is my first sex story on FSI and I finally worked up the courage to write it. This incident happened in 2012 with my sexy teacher Shalu. She was my class teacher and accounts teacher at that time. She had a sweet smile and a sexy ass. She usually used to wear saree which made her curves lot hotter and sexy. She was very popular among boys for obvious reasons. All boys used to day dream about her and i was no exception but i was of shy nature. I used to get a hard on seeing her sexy ass and bra straps visible from her transparent blouse while she used to write on the board. I was lucky as i used to sit on first seat and was her favorite student. I forgot to mention that i was good in studies. I wanted to fuck her and got the chance just before my pre-boards.

I was good in accounts but wasn’t getting good marks in it and pre-boards were near. So Shalu suggested that she could give me extra classes during her free periods as pre-boards were near so most students used to be absent therefore we decided to have classes in my classroom. We started the classes from the next day. She closed the door so that no one disturbs us during the class. As usual she was wearing saree and looking very sexy. The class was going well and i was not missing any opportunity of looking at her ass and naval. Twice she saw me looking at it but didn’t say anything and this went on for 5-6 days.

Finally the day of fulfilling my desires came and i fucked my dream girl. As usual the class started but there was a difference in her dressing today. The pallu wasn’t tucked as usual, naval area was quiet exposed and biggest shock she wasn’t wearing a bra(evident from her transparent blouse). I thought it could be that day. I was getting horny on seeing her back and naval .In between the chalk dropped and she kneeled down to pick it up and her pallu fell exposing her sexy cleavage. I was getting mad by looking at it and I knew she did it purposely. I went close to her to help her but actually to look at her cleavage. I picked it up and was staring at her cleavage. She saw me at it looking and gave me a sexy smile which broke the ice. I got the confidence and took my lips near her rosy lips. She did not resist and finally our lips meet. We were kissing each other madly and went on for 5 minutes.
Then when we parted, we both were breathing heavily. I continued and started kissing her cleavage which felt so good. I quickly undid her hooks and threw away her blouse. My dick tweaked on seeing her two sexy melons with pointed nipples. I wasted no time and started sucking, licking, kissing & pressing her boobs .I was getting mad and she was moaning loudly ahhhhhhhhhh….uhhhhhhhhh…..ummmmmmmmmmmm……rickyyyyyy….youuuuureeeeee…so good….ahhhhhhhh . I was getting hornier. She again started kissing me and opened my shirt and threw it away. She was a sexy bitch and quiet desperate.

She unhooked my pants and took them out .My dick was stretching my jockey. She gave it a lick over my jockey and removed my jockey. My dick was standing in full glory. She wasted no time and started licking and sucking my dick. Her mouth was very hot and that was making the blow job more sexy.. I was moaning very loud… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…shaluuuuuuuu…ahhhhhhh…. She was sucking quiet well……i was getting on verge of Cumming and told her i was about to cum. She told me to cum in her mouth and within seconds i cummed in her mouth. She drank all the cum. She was feeling very good and i told her babe lets continue.

We again started kissing and this time the kiss was much hotter and brought my dick back to full length in seconds. We were sweating but our lust was more than our sweat and we continued. Then I removed her saree and she was now just in petticoat. I went behind her and hugged her and started kissing her back and forcing my dick in her ass crack. I undid the knot of her petticoat and went down with it kissing from her upper back to her ass. Now she was only in her panty which was pink. Then I went in front and there was a wet patch on her panty, she was quite wet down there. I used my mouth and removed her panty with it. She was clean shaven down there and I was getting hot as it was my first time. I gave her pussy a kiss and she gave out a sexy moan.

I made her lie down on the desk and started licking and sucking her pussy. The smell was awesome and she was leaking her juices. I increased my pace and started fingering her at the same time. She was moaning continuously ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..ummmmm..iiiiiii…..loveeeeeeee itt uhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..That was making me hornier and i increased my pace further. Finally she had an orgasm with a loud ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and she said it was the first time someone has sucked her pussy.

So it was time for me to lose my virginity. She made me lie down on the desk and came on top me and positioned her pussy on top of my dick. She started going up and down. It felt so good and I was getting hot. The room was filled with sounds of fucking which felt so sexy. We both were moaning but slowly.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……ummm.. shaluuuuuuuuuuuu I loveeeeeee youuuuuu…….rickyyyyyyy….iiiiiiiiiii……..loveeeeee youuuuuuuuuu uhhhhhhhhh….ahhhhhh…..she was riding in full speed for 5-10 mins. I told her I was about to cum and she told wait as she wanted to cum with me. Finally we both came together and I felt so good. Then she fell on top of me and we slept in that position for about 5 mins. Then we got up and still had 30 minutes left.

I told her lets have one more session and she agreed. I positioned her in doggy style and with some difficult finally inserted my dick. I started fucking her in full speed and she was enjoying it. I continued fucking her for 10 mins and she had cummed thrice. The fuck was lusty and finally with a loud moan, I cummed in her pussy and then we had a kiss and she thanked me for the sex. Then we dressed and waited for the bell. We finally bid goodbye with a kiss. That was my last class and we didn’t have any sex until February next year. That story is for the next time. 😉

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