Indian sex story – Vijayawada……… City of Angels

Indian sex story – Hi Friends Naveen here, age 24, height 6 feet, I am from Vizag currently in Chennai working as sales officer for an MNC, working in sales, it is a different experience altogether as I can travel from place to place, I have done many naughty things if you want to know them you can contact me @ my zone.naveen at and also you can contact me on FB.

Coming to the story, this was the true experience happened to me on 7th August this year, I visited Vijayawada for my business trip. It was a one-week trip., I started on Sunday evening from Hyderabad, I reached there by Monday morning took a room in a hotel, and went for my meeting, completed my work by 4 pm started back to hotel reached by 5, got fresh up and went to Gautham Nanda movie.

That is where I met my heroine, as that was Monday that too Rakshabandan. The theater was not full. I went and sat in a row where I can see people not less than 15 seats away and no people in surrounding also after the movie started there comes the heroine in a blue top and white legs. Little fat with massive boobs and ass, as she is not wearing a bra I can see her boobs juggling left and right while she was walking. I thought she would have come with someone but I didn’t find anyone coming to her for 15min, she was sitting in front row of me.

I was watching the movie and was looking at her at certain intervals, then comes the intermission. After intermission I came directly to her row and asked her can I sit next to her. She looked at me like why are you asking and told ok. Then after 2-3 mins I told my name and asked her name and she told her name is Swetha ( I hope she read this story) I asked what she is doing.

She told she discontinued degree and was helping her mother, I asked her she told she hate studying, I asked why she told let me watch movie, I said ok and again started to disturb her by different questions, she answered irritatingly, I understood and kept silent or some time, later I saw around me and no one was near us. Then slowly I put my hand on behind her shoulder on the seat and slowly moved my fingers to her shoulders as soon as I touched her she gave a jerk and saw me like what are you trying to do.

I immediately removed my hand and waited for some time for her to relax I thought she would move away from me and sit but to my surprise she didn’t move and again watching a movie, then after some time I slowly put my hand on her thigh and started pressing them.

She didn’t react which gave me courage and I started pressing gently again. Whenever there are comedy scenes I started laughing with her pressing her thighs. Then slowly I put my hand on her shoulder she told why are u doing this. I told no one is there please don’t stop me for which she was silent and started watching the movie.

I was slowly pressing her boobs and feeling her nipple on her top, and I was kissing her cheek, this continued for some time I tried to touch her lips but she rejected and I started licking her ear, she was surprised and asked am I experienced in these things, I asked why? She told I got goosebumps when you did that, I said its all because I read stories and watch bf.

I tried to put my hand inside her top but she rejected, and I was trying once in a while and she looks around us and allowed me to put the hand inside her top I was on cloud nine those boobs were like a sponge, very soft. She was not wearing the bra, only petticoat. I was pressing and kissing her on cheeks as I understood she doesn’t want on lips. After some time I put my hand inside her legs which I have to do forcefully. Once I’m in I told her not to move as people may find what we were doing she pleaded me to remove the hand.

I was in no mood to listen as my luck my hand was inside her panty, I can feel her wet hair, you all know why they are wet;), then I started playing with her pussy. I was finger fucking her she was holding my hand tightly and moaning with pleasure. I played like that for some time and she was having some tears in her eyes I thought I popped her cherry and felt a little bad and remover my hand but to my bad luck its not that later she didn’t allow me to do anything and the movie also finished, I followed her where ever she goes, she went to bus stop I followed her.

She too was observing me and I went and stood beside her. She then took an auto and I caught the running auto and sat beside her. Auto driver objected and I told we are friends.

I asked her what happened? She said get down, I told even if I get down I will follow you with another auto. To which she was silent and I said to her I want to speak to her. She told I need to go home it was already 10 pm, I said I want only 5 min. She said Okay speak.

I told not in auto. She accepted my proposal and I paid the auto fare and the auto left. Later what we discussed where did it end………… to know more wait for my second part.

Girls aged from 18 to 80, I m not expecting directly sex from you, I will wait until you are ready, take your time lets to be friends bye have a nice time.