Summer sex started with cooler

My name is Sahil basically from Hyderabad. I live in a society flat where people are very much involved with work.

Three Girls stay at my opposite flat and works for different MNC’s. All the three girls are really such beautiful that anyone would love to eat em up. I had this encounter with one of the girl name Sakshi.

Summer season so she took out dusty cooler out and trying to fix its water pump. She failed to open the doors of the cooler. She cleaned the cooler with water inside her flat and bought it outside.

I was watching her wet t-shirt with clear cleavage which is very bright. She noticed that I was watching her cleavage deeply, So she stood up I did not want to make this situation weird so I asked if I can help in fixing that. Of course, I am an engineer and know how to fix it so fixed it and took the cooler to her room.

Her room was really clean and awesome. She gave me water to drink and I was still staring at her big boobs.

She said “stop it, there is nothing to look like that”

I said sorry and left from there feeling nervous.

On the same day, its almost 2 am-midnight, I was just out of my door and she came there and offered me a drink at her flat.

Obviously, why would I deny, she was wearing just a single piece and nothing inside. We drank whiskey and then started talking. I closed the door then I said “Sakshi I love you”

She replied “Natak mat karo, kya chahiye tumhe?”

Then I replied “Honestly, I am in love with your smile and you have great beauty. Ek hi zindagi hy aur ise bhi kisi aur ke liye nhi jee sakta”

We stay far away from our home, so we were drunk completely and first I fell asleep. Later she was clearing up the mess and gave me a bedsheet on her bed and she too slept facing opposite to me.

After an hour my dick became so hard, I was irresistible to touch her so I was scared but I finally hugged her from the back side. My dick was touching her back, she was feeling it.

Slowly I lifted her dress, and I removed my jeans and touched my hot dick to her ass. She was responding accordingly. I did it for 5 min and later I turned her around towards me and started kissing. I was kissing and took her hand on my dick, she was holding it very tight while kissing which drove me crazy.

I started smooching her which she liked so much and I tore down her nightwear single piece into three pieces from her body. This made her crazier now, we were nude now. I was rubbing her pussy and pressing her boobs while kissing her so hard. She was rubbing my dick.

I asked, “Get down, I want to make love juice inside your mouth.”

She said “Abhi nahi, baad mein” I wanted to pound my dick in her mouth so dragged her down and inserted dick into her mouth. Believe me, she gave me a fantastic Blowjob and I came into her mouth and she drank all of it at one time. I took some time and again came back to hard.

I asked “sha we do it?” She said “don’t talk, just do it,” I asked her to keep my dick inside her by herself. I said “without condom chalega kya” and she replied “ek hi zindagi hai and itna kya sochna, rakh do meri jaan” I became mad her and started fucking her more than 20 min.

We were sweating all the time and A.C was on but still sweating, I licked all the sweat over her body and started giving live bytes all over the body. I pressed her boobs and turns them into the red. Sucked them so hard that she was shouting and we never minded others. I bit her lips and cheeks. Sweat was making us crazier.

I asked: “Shall I cum inside you?”

Again she replied, “ek hi zindagi hy, itna kya sochna kardo zaldi” .

After some time I came with a huge load inside her and she loved the hotness. We hugged each other and slept all night nude. In the morning I left after dressing her up. And later that day, she came to my flat and then we were laughing at each other.

She proposed to me and I replied I love you too. Our relationship has no future but we still keep it a secret from this world. She loves to spend time with me and from that day we do it daily.

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