My wife’s first ever Sexual encounter with my Best Friend

My wifes first ever Sexual encounter

Hello. This is my second real-life incidence. Was initially hesitating to do so but with the kind of love & likes I received for my first post, I felt its really worth sharing the most Wildest moments of my wife.

Last Week I had been to Dubai for a business trip. The night before I left, I had an erotic sexual encounter with my beloved wife Vidhya. She was in a very high mode of Hotness.

We had an amazing night with loads of kisses, hugs, smooches during the foreplay. To elongate the pleasure, I made sure that I didn’t insert the dick.

I rubbed her pussy, licked it for long, sucked her breasts as if they were the best mangoes u can ever have & that helped me to have foreplay for almost 95 minutes.

We finally reached our peaks where I wanted to go for a wild & hard one. She too was in need of the real pleasure of my dick. To have non-stop hard sex, I started revealing my fantasy to my sexy Vidhya.

I lifted her thighs high & put 2 Pillows below her sexy ass & then started the real game. I slowly revealed that I wanted to see her fucking my best friend Raj ( He is very handsome & is fond of her ) when I am not in the country.

Hearing this, Vidhya started moaning… Ohh Raj .. Fuck Me… Raj Fuck me… harder. & harder .. I was surprised to hear the name of Raj from her mouth. I was happy to the core. I could make it for sure that If I go out for a business trip & if Raj & Vidhya get a chance to meet.. they would surely end up fucking on the bed.

Immediately took my mobile & started recording her video. She was still moaning high .. Raj .. Fuck me… Raj fuck me. She was enjoying every shot of mine as if she was fucking Raj. The in & out hot shots continued for almost 20 minutes & I was unable to elongate it more where in she was under deep hunger.

I finally came off in her mouth & she shouted .. why so soon Raj .. & then laughed…

When she realised that she took the name of Raj … We both laughed & smiled at each other after intercourse. I could see her hands still pressing the pussy tightly & holding it. She was in need of more .. & more…

Next day evening, I had a flight to catch. I was ready to leave home. Vidhya was sad as well as happy. Sad because she loved me too much & happy because yesterday I made her feel free & speak out the name of Raj during sex. It was like she was hiding her sexual feelings all these days.

Before I left. I kissed her lips & hugged her tightly & uttered in her ears ” Darling . .. Life is too short to keep the passion inside. Leave the shyness behind & go for what you like in the world. Whether it’s your favourite Cake or its Raj… ” She closed her watery eyes & hugged me tight & thanked me for making her feel the princess & accept the feelings.

Very Next day was Sunday. I texted a hello message to Raj. I had shared a private status of Vidhya’s pic in deep cleavage only to Raj. He Started the conversation … OMG what a babe. .He had to control his words as she was my wife.

I purposely asked him.. How was she looking & raj said… Yes, she’s too good & sweet..Then on a funny part, I asked .. Have u tasted her so ah you can say shes sweet ??

Raj mockingly replied… Never got a chance to taste.

I said why don’t you try it ?? sweet or sour ?? Raj was like ?? What ?? I replied… Why not you try your luck.

Before Raj could speak anything…I changed the topic .. Anyways .. Raj… Could you please help me to take out a file stacked in the upper wardrobe in my bedroom, to this Raj replied why not ??

Before I said Bye to Raj, I said: All the best for the most thrilling experience.. to This Raj again asked me what ??

I then sent him the Video of Vidhya moaning Raj. .while having sex with me. Asked Raj to delete the video & try his luck.

I immediately called Vidhya & said that Raj will be coming home in some time to collect a file & every thing went as per my plan.

For the next 4 days, I could not see a single message from Raj except this One : “Rahul, I have never tasted such a sweet thing ever in my life: From Tip to Toe, Its sweeter than sugar, Hotter than Sun, Not a single place is left where my lips have not reached\”

I had lost all my patience & to give my sex life a solid Kick, I preponed my plan .Was dying to meet Vidhya & So I finally returned back home after 4 days.

Vidhya was fully ready with amazing Dark Red Lipstick, A sexy Deep Necked Blouse & a transparent sari.

After dinner, saw the IPL Match & then finally we were on the bed.
We were just gazing each other’s eyes. I could see the bite marks of Raj on her neck, on her boobs too.

I gently took over on my chest & made sure her breasts were totally pressed against my chest. Could feel her fast heartbeats. Without wasting a single second, I started gently smooching & undressed her in the sexiest way possible. I could see her wet panty. It was smelling like heaven. I was in a hurry to get to know what all happened that Sunday.

I made her sleep on the floor, Tied her hands & legs & slowly started exciting her by licking her pussy. The reason… that was her weakness. After licking & sucking it for almost 8-9 minutes, I stopped & came back close to her. She was Like… Rahul, don’t stop, I need it, Please. .Then started my game. Tell me what happened when Raj came home ?? She immediately replied. Nothing happened.

Then I said …  oh really…

Vidhya shouted… Rahul… Please lick it, I need ur lips there…

Then I laughed out in Lust. Then tell me did anything happened between you & Raj…

Then Vidhya shouted… Bastard… I will tell you everything… you first start licking it without a stop for a single minute. Here I started licking it & I could see Vidhya closing her eyes & just enjoying the sucking.

She started …

Raj came home for some files what you needed & when he stood on the table, He was seeing me with lots of lust in his eyes. As it was so hot, I opened the window & by mistake, my saree had fallen off.

Raj was gazing my boobs & was not taking his eyes off. I was also lost & we both started for almost 5 minutes until Raj got a call. He finished his call & took the reqd file & hand it over to me.

Then I offered him a juice & went inside the kitchen. my heart was pumping harder & harder. I purposely opened the first button of my blouse & made it sure that my deep cleavage was visible to Raj.

As I bent to offer juice to Raj, my sari had again fallen off. This time, Raj didn’t waste a single minute. He immediately came close to me. He smooched me deeply & started pressing my boobs.

I kept saying, Raj don’t this to me… it’s wrong but was enjoying every touch of him. Raj was too fast, He immediately made me naked in the hall & started licking my pussy.

He split my legs so wide that it was like as if I was doing Yoga. He inserted his 2 fingers in my pussy & then started licking it gently.

I started moaning .. OMG. Fuck me… Fuck ..Me…

Raj then started licking the whole of the body. He played, he groped, he pressed, he sucked and kissed every part of my body including my ass. He licked my G spot & then it was the erotic me who was on a mood to rape him.

We tried almost all the major positions where I could feel his big dick. Raj also admitted that he masturbates every night thinking of fucking me. Even when he fucks his wife, he imagines me. I was happy to hear that.

Listening to such an awesome Encounter of my wife Vidhya with Raj, I was happy to the core.

I got what I wanted, Vidhya got what she wanted I a Dirty House Wife & Vidhya wanted someone to excite our sex life.

Waiting for a 3some together soon Me Vidhya & Raj !!
Love you all guy & Girls. .If you like it., Share.