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So basically the story begins like this. Myself Anuj I am 23 years old. I like painting, i was always good at sports. I live in Thane Mumbai. One evening I was roaming near Talav pali. If you have been here its a place where you find lots of couples sitting around the pond. I sat down just like other people all alone remembering about my girlfriend back in Nashik. It was showering a little and suddenly the sun appeared. I used to have sex almost daily when i was at my hometown. I was just brushing up memories. Suddenly a loud noise of arguement broke my thoughs.

I was angry and looked at the person. He was shouting a very pretty girl. I noticed the girl and was dumstruck. It was a hot 28 year old woman. She had a structure to die. What a lovely pair to die on. Red hot lips and brown hair. The man in anger walked away shouting at her. She looked away from him towards the pond and started breaking down with tears.

I was mesmerised by her beauty and constantly staring at her. I didnt note the time. She finally looked at me and broadened her eyes and said what do you want?

I said nothing theres a black thing on your cheek. Please clean it. She said oh that was the reason you are staring at me. I was looking with at open mouth as she brought her hand and cleaned the eyeliner ink that had dropped on her silky white cheek.

She said bye I am going. I said if you want you can share it will help you feel lighter.
She sat down the moment I said. Thats when i noticed its already dark. She said lets eat someting. We went to a nearby restaurant. We sat infront of each other. The owner insisted me to sit aside my pretty girl as it is how all couples sit here. I sat there ours legs touched each other. It was really hot i couldnt control myself i said. I like you please dont be angry I just couldnt resist telling you. She moved her hand on my thighs and then on my hard cock and said i want this. She licked her red lips and gave me peck on my lips. Everyone around looked at us. She said my bf doesnt last for more than 2 minutes and that was why we were argueing.

Later we paid and went out. She took me to a place which was hidden from road but open to pond. As soon as we reached the dark corner there was a boat lying she pushed my on the edge and started kissing me. I wouldnt get enough of her ours tounges where mixing our saliva and some was dropping. I told her you taste so sweet. Soon my hand were on her firm and huge boobs. Her lipstick on my face all over. We where in a mess. She sat in my lap and started grinding her bums i got hard to high extend. I just couldnt take it more. I pulled her top down from the front and started pinching her nipples. She turned back and started kissing me hard. We got up i now made her sit down. I am 6 feet tall and she was 5.6 so she bent a little and pulled out my chain of jeans and there came my cock 6.7 inches long and 4 inch thick. She started sucking it. She wasnt too good. But her looks were enough. I couldnt take it anymore. I shot my cum. She said looser you too. And started cleaning her face as the water and moon made her backdrop.

I had not cooled even a bit. A starightway went to her made her bend down and inserted my cock from behind. Only the head went in she shouted a little louder i got hold of her mouth. And pulled her towards me. A little more cock slidded in may be 5 inches. She turned towards me and smiled. We kissed again. We where fucking in standing position that too so comfortablely. I couldnt belive it was jus so perfect our height matched for that position. I fucked her with a little higher pace that made ahe moan ooooohhhhhhhh mannnnnnn fuuuccccckkkkkkk thatsss goingggg toooooo deeeeeppppp. And her purse started vibrating i was not in a mood to stop. I made her lay beside her bag on to the boat and started in missionary. She pulled her purse and her phone dropped it showed her bfs pic. I picked up the phone and gave it to her with me still inside her. I started going more deeper and banged her hard.

She had white juice flowing out. Thats when i remembered condoms fuckkkkk. She said heelllllloooowwwwwww sanjay. I aaammmmmm innnnn masssssaaaaggge paroloooourr aahhhhh uffffffffff. He said what are you doing.i am gettinnngg aaahhhhhha a massage ohhhhhhh uffff slowly yaar I iiiii am on aaa caaalllll ahhh. That made her hotter she dropped her phone without answering more and started kissing me. She started lifting her buttock and gave a loud moooaaaannnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am cumming. She came and i slowed down. I was still hard. We saw torches at a distance i told her cover up someone is comming. She said let them come i want you to be satisfied. She was tooo hot and wanted my cum. I somehow convinced her to get dressed she was without panty when the gaurd came i picked it up and put it in her hand bag. Thats when i noticed mangalsutra. Ohh no damn she is married.

We where walking out she remembered something went back to pick her phone and my god both me and torchman had a view of her shaven pussy. He said man you are the luckiest man on earth fuck. She heard it and smiled we walked away hand in hand. We sat near the talav pond for some time and she put her hands in my pants it was 11.30 with very less mark of people. I again stopped her took her to autostand and said to go home. She took my phone number and kissed my infront of autowala lingering and pulling me in auto. She said please drop me home. I was like ok. Kept kissing all the way and pressing her boobs.

We reached her home. She said come on next saturday My husband will be out of town. A last kiss and she swayed away. I am having sleepless nights waiting for saturday. Thank you.
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