Married Secret Friend – 1

Married Secret Friend 1

Hello friends, this is Karthik here again. This is a continuation of the first part published in the topic “Affair With Married Secret Friend In Discrete”.

First part is more about how we started the affair. Here let me describe how wonderful was our first lovemaking session. It was awesome, I get tempted even today when thinking of what happened on that day.

Hope you will enjoy. Looking forward to your thoughts and feel about me and my friend’s relation. For your valuable feed backs please write to me at [email protected]
Have a great reading…

We grew very strong relationship just like a real husband and wife. We use to meet whenever we get time. chat for the whole day through mobile.
One fine day, I took off from office as I was not well. I got a message from Archana,

She: where are you?

Me: I am at home. Took off today

She: why?

Me: I am not feeling well. Mild fever.

she: Have you taken tablets?

Me: Yes I have taken

She: ok, take rest

Me: that’s it?

She: hmm yes, take rest

Me: ok

After some time, I messaged her if she is bored at home alone, come to my house. She replied saying she has some work. After an hour someone rang the doorbell. I opened the door, she was standing there smiling.

That was the first time she stepped into my house. I offered her apple juice.

Whenever we drink something, we use to exchange from each others mouth. We did here too. By the time juice was over we started our romance, we were hugging each other tightly. After a few mins, we saw each other into the eyes,

Me: Someone said, they have more work today. But here now

She: yes I had more work. but who asked you to tell me that you are alone. more than that messaged me to come if bored. Then how can I concentrate there?

Me: oh is it? our meeting is that important to you?

She: yes is it not the same for you?

Me: I never want to miss the chance of tasting your sweet lips darling and kissed her.

By this time we had become experts in kissing. She uses to say always, that we do a perfect French kiss. She use to enjoy each and everything we do. We were kissing deeply this time hugging tightly.

We moved to the bed. I moved on to her and started kissing all over her face. She was enjoying with her eyes closed and given hsssss sounds… I was licking her neck, small bite in ear lobs… her horny sounds were making be hotter…

She was under my arms… hugging me tight around my shoulders. and I was kissing her madly.. then I slowly moved down to her globes… She was wearing a salwar kameez. I started rolling her top from the stomach.

For the first time, I saw her belly button… The beautiful quench started driving me crazy… I am always greedy when it comes to a woman’s body, that after she leaves the bed, she should not feel that any part of her body is untouched by my lips.

I tasted and teased her belly button and filled with my saliva. I felt the shiver in her stomach when I blow air on her filled belly button. she removed my t-shirt. I further moved her top and removed completely… she was in bra exposing her underarms. Her sweat fragrance heated me further.

I started licking them. Awesome taste and addictive fragrance. She hugged me tightly. So, our bellies touched pretty closely. My saliva from her belly button was flowing down from the sides.

I continued licking her underarms which was trimmed just as I like. You won’t believe I licked her underarms for 10mins. After the first excitement of arm licking settles down she started to caress me on my head and admire how I was deep into licking her underarms.

She: Hey enough, change to some other location na…

Me: hmm hold on dear.. just a few mins

She: why are you so crazy just with my underarms

Me: I don’t know dear, I just realized that I like your underarms so much.

She: Hmm interesting. you know you are the lucky one

Me: hmm yes of course that I got you

She: Not that, you are the first to lick in my underarms ?

Me: really, I am very blessed then. hmm very tasty

I slide my hands under her back and unhooked her bra with a bit of struggle as it was the first time ever in my life. She giggled on my acts. I removed her bra totally… and was mesmerized to see 2 big globes looking me and laughing. just like a hungry tiger I grabbed them and started squeezing. she was all smiling seeing my excited face.

She was in her bottom pants and I was in my boxers. She stopped me from squeezing her breast and hugged me tightly to feel my body to her skin. I could feel her heart was beating much faster than usual and the body was more than warm. She left a big breath. Then I looked into her eye and said I understand what it means to you and I promised her to give the greatest pleasure…

After sharing the warmth, I moved down to taste the globes. I knew very well how to tease a breast, I am a good reader of such articles to learn techniques which gives the peak pleasure while making love. Had a chilled walk slowly around her breast. Started a big circle from the base.

Took enough time to reach the top and yet not touched but rolling my tongue around the nipple. Later I realized that breast sucking is her turn on. She has accumulated a great force which burst after a few rolls at the tip of the breast.

She held my head and asked me to stop teasing. It’s driving me crazy. I was just smiling at her. She repeated once again, I smiled again… got a sweet slap for the first time from her and asked me to suck the nipple.

It was paining though I enjoyed. Looked at her face and jumped over her breast and sucked the nipple. A loud moan came out from her which I had not heard before. The mourn was so intense that any penis would get hard on hearing this.

I was in a great push in sucking her breast as I got equally turned on with her moan. I teased and tasted her other breast. She looked dam happy.

To be continued …