Married Secret Friend – 2

Married Secret Friend 2

Kissed me all over her face. Then I slowly moved down kissing all through her body. Started removing her bottom slowly. She resisted with shy not to remove. I moved up and started kissing her. She started scratching my back and hugged.

I now slowly removed the knots and slide the bottom along with her panty. First, the first time in my life I was seeing a vagina trimmed and tight. It was dripping with her juice already.

But the way I looked at that… She closed my eyes with her hand. But it still moved close. and touched the skin. Some 1000 volts passed on my body so was she had a jerk in her body.

I parted the skin, I could see the shining walks of her vagina, dripping down slowly with her juice. I asked her, May I kiss  (quite a stupid question ). She nodded her head. I moved slowly and kissed the skin on top. Then I slid my long finger into her vagina and went deep inside. She started breathing heavily.

While I started licking the foreskin. I was in heaven tasting the first ever greatest vagina in the world, I am happy that I am making a woman satisfied to the fullest. She was motionless. Completely enjoying the movements of my tongue and finger in her vagina with her eyes closed.

I tested thoroughly. went deep into the vagina with my tongue search her G spot. I licked her vagina for about 20 mins till she releases her first cum and drains her juice down.

Her vegetarian pussy tasted gr8. That’s where I discovered my crazy for pussy licking. Right from that day till today my crazy for pussy licking is maintained and wanna try more.

Note for guys: I am not sure if you know this secret or not, the flavor of the vagina juice varies based on the food intake of your girl mainly liquid foods. If you wanna drink mango juice. So, please ask your partner to take mango juice before a 30mins of your bedtime  I have tried from buttermilk to red wine with my friend’s vagina

She pulled me up holding my head after she cum. I had tasted and drunk all her cum.

She: how was it. ?

Me: It was awesome. And I drank all the water from the well

She: I did not expect that you would be so intimate that you could lick my private part. I am so happy that you did it and none had tasted but you.

Me: hmm gr8 .. but no centi han. still, the key to heaven’s door is waiting to open the door.

and I kissed her. I moved up and removed my boxer. My 7″ penis slipped out, standing hard as an iron rod. She touched said you maintain very well as I use to shave or trim very thin.

Then I opened my foreskin and moved towards her vagina to lose my virginity. I was in semi-kneeling position and she was laying on the bed with her legs around me. I tried to penetrate into her.

As it was the first time, I found it hard to find the entrance and push inside. She smiled and pulled me on her and kissed passionately and she held my penis and guided to heaven whole. She kept at the entrance and asked me to move in further.

She said push, that’s it I gave a strong push, it went deep into the vagina scrubbing all the hot walls. She gave a really loud moan and arch her body. I was holding her back with one hand and resting my other arm on the bed.

I stayed still for a while and started moving in and out slowly. She was not able to control. moving like a parrot in the cage. She was enjoying the most …

I was enjoying the strokes having fun in losing my virginity and my eyes were closed and face raised above. Our bodies were very close that even air cannot pass through. Heat in our body increased. I started stroking harder and deep. In just about 10 mins I started feeling the urge of cum as it was the first time.

I started pumping even harder and deeper. she too moved her hip in rhythm with my strokes, which helped in deep penetration. With a loud moan, I released my virgin cum deep into her vagina. She was feeling the hot semen in her inner walls of the vagina, and that triggers her cum.

She released her cum for the 2nd time right after I released. the pumping slowed and came to halt gradually. both were in peak pleasure enjoyed the heavenly feeling. Our bodies are still intact. And a bit of a sweat in both of our bodies.

We were on the bed hugging tight (means really tight). She was very emotional and thanking me and kissed me all over my face. We stayed still on the bed.

After 15 mins, We got up and I removed my penis from her vagina… all wet with both of our cum. I was really flattered with the beauty of the semen dripping down from her vagina.

I immediately went and licked and sucked her vagina for about 10 mins and tasted her cum and mine mixed. (sorry guys if some doesn’t like the dirty game. But I like to play dirtier as well).

When I got up she slapped me saying idiot for lick after I released my cum. I said what’s in this after all our discharge with has more energy and smiled. She said no way, she was tired.

She said that in her 4 yrs of married liked this was the best ever love making she has done where she got pain in her vagina and on her lips. I smiled and kissed her romantically.

Then we moved to wash each other. Had a juice (I meant real juice). After 1 hr or so she left to her home. Then she messages after reaching home, that we had fun for 3 hrs which went like a rocket and our usual chat about our exp in today’s lovemaking started.

This is my first experience of lovemaking. We had many later. This relationship grew very intimate.