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So without wasting time will start the story. The heroine of my story is a woman whose got interested from my football playing skills. She is my neighbour whose husband is a business man.
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So it all started when i had in my final year of engg. She had just married and came to live besides my house. Anand the name of his husband i used to call him bhaiya. So he introduced me with his wife but that time i didnt have any bad intentions on her.
Whenever anand bhaiya used to go any where for business meetings etc she used to call me to bring something from the store.
We have a small ground infront so i used to play football with my friends and sometimes i noticed she is watching me while i used to play and as we had an eye contact she used to smile that feels me goose bums..
Once she called me while i was playing football and asked me for help him to keep some stuff on the cupboard as i m tall it will be easy for me so at that time her husband was out of town so i readily agreed and said will come.
When i went to her house all the things were messed up in the house and she was in blue gown looking damn sexxy but i controlled myself some how and we started to arrange one by one. Some times we used to touch each other by mistaken and i said sorry she said its ok not problem at all no one is watching us. I got shocked after listening such from her and i smiled and started working keeping things again.
We were sweating heavily due to lifting keeping things so she unbuttoned her one button of her gown which gave clear view of her cleavage and a white strip of the bra and drives me crazy wherever she bents to lift things.
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Then i climbed on the chair so that i can keep the things on the cupboard and i was getting cleavage view from top whenever she comes to me.. oohhhh god my dick started getting hard and it is clearly visible from my pants she saw that…and said control it i can see that i was feeling ashamed and said its not in my hand blushingly and she smiled and
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