Sex with pregnant Telugu girlfriend

Sex with pregnant Telugu girlfriend

Hi FSI friends, I am Krishna writing my first story in FSI. Please ignore if any errors in narrating the story. I am 31 now, 5’9 height, fair and slim fit. If any broad minded women want to have time pass hookups or just friendship or relation, please contact me on e-mail ID: [email protected] Privacy TOP MOST Guaranteed.

I am from Guntur and the nickname of our heroine is Sailu, who is my B.Tech classmate while studying in Vizag. We loved each other and did all sort of romance before marriage.

But due to circumstances, we have to break up with mutual understanding soon after graduation. Her marriage got fixed with her uncle son and I went abroad to concentrate on career, still in touch with her on phone.

After a couple of years, I visited India for vacation and informed her that I want to meet her in Vizag. She accepted to meet just for a couple of hours as she is due to deliver her second kid in weeks and her baby shower is planned to be celebrated on that week.

I was excited to know that she was pregnant and congratulated her. We decided to meet at a star hotel at the outskirts where the crowd will be usually less.

We meet outside at the hotel parking. She came in a private cab and I can’t stop staring at her amazing beauty even though bit weight gained. She is of age 25 Height: 5.4, very fair, knee-length freely left pony hair, plump cheeks with pink beauty spots (pimples like heroine Sai Pallavvi (Telugu Fidaa movie heroine).

With Sindhoor and red lipstick, huge boobs of 36 size covered with a dupatta, huge sexy pregnant belly looking like as if she was having twins inside.

Literally, she was looking like a sex bomb for me while she is walking slowly towards me and I was overjoyed on seeing my darling after 2 years. she pulled back her hair and I see sparkling 5 gold studs in each ear that she already had before.

I can’t believe how great she is looking for. Interesting thing is that still, she is wearing those studs which she pierced up on my request while we are in a relationship.

I like women with multiple ear piercings because its seen as a feminine thing. Having many earrings perhaps displays feminist. It is common to see women getting henna done, wearing a lot of bangles during baby showers.

She came to me, gave a warm hug and we walked towards the restaurant like a couple holding hands. We got a seat, chit chatting and after some lovely time, she felt uncomfortable in sitting position due to heavy belly and stood up to walk for a while.

In between, I went to the reception and managed to get a room for fresh up which we can use for 2-3hours. We shifted to the room and she laid on bed requesting me to massage her swollen feet.

She wore two pairs of tight toe rings, anklets and I removed them to comfort her with a message. Her sexy feet were glorious to see with the henna designs. I am turned ON now. I believe you should have understood what I mean.

We began to talk about a lot of things about our romantic college days. When I asked about her husband she became silent. When I begged her on she finally replied ” Well, he is on a very high managerial position and he doesn’t get much time for me nowadays. He has gone out for a business trip for a week or so. ”

I can’t imagine how he can stay away from such a beautiful woman like you”, I consoled her and held her hand. “No, you are just saying that to make feel better,” she said. “I am really telling you the truth.

You are a beautiful and a really sexy woman” I responded.

” Liar,” she said.

“Well, what do you want, some proof?”

I retorted.” Yes” came the answer.” A Man can only corroborate in this way.” so saying I pulled her towards myself and kissed her on the lips. Surprisingly she reciprocated positively by actively using her tongue.

She said,” I am really nervous with my huge 8 months pregnant belly”. I know that this may be big for you and I promise to be careful, sensitive and an understanding.

In fact, doctors recommend sex during pregnancy to stretch vaginal muscles for a natural birth” I allayed her fears. I told her for the final time “Sailu, I am sure that you are in safe hands and you know that as well”

She responded by pulling me to her height and kissing her. My hands were exploring her posterior, and I was taking in the beautiful fragrance of her body.

I withdrew, picked her up and kept her on the big reading table. I started to kiss her, first her temples, then I nibbled on her ear, below her ear and finally her neck while she had closed her eyes, she was caressing my hair, and moaning my name.

I wanted to kiss her collarbone but she stopped me for the time being. She removed my T-shirt and began to caress my chest. I felt Sailu’s arms with giggling bangle sound on my shoulder and she whispered, “I’ve wanted to scream, take me into the peak and use me.

I was aroused, next to a beautiful pregnant woman, who was asking me to fulfill my fantasy to fuck pregnant lady. I opened the buttons of her dress. I took off her typical south Indian Mangalsutra chain and black beard necklace from her neck.

I fondled her long hair as I kissed her collarbone. She was exploring my back during this time. I removed her top and finally, I could see her only in her bra-panty, and her glorious pregnant tummy in between. She was wearing a black sheer bra and panties to match.

I kissed her on the shoulder, and just above her tits, right above her heart and then I detached the hooks of her bra. Her nipples were hard and begging for attention.

As told by her, her nipples were not much sensitive as before. So she was planning to pierce her nipples soon after breastfeeding her second one in order to make her nipples more intensive towards to reach to the pinnacle of sex.

Nude Sailu lied down on the bed. Her legs opened inviting me to her inner secret garden. Her arm floated up like a wave. She looked beautiful with her large stomach and her huge boobs. She motioned me close to her.

My eyes enjoyed this opportunity for my visual feast. I told her that I want to hear the baby and I place my ears on her tummy. My one hand was on the bottom of her tummy.

I slowly massaged her pussy. Suddenly I felt something wet on my one side of my head. When I looked up, the bra was wet in the top part. She told me she was leaking… I asked leaking…?

She told me that sometime when the milk is excess it would leak out as still, she was breastfeeding her first baby. I smiled and said its ok. She told me that she has to pump it out.

I asked if I could help. She told ok. She told me to pump the milk out of her. I slowly pressed her boobs and her milk splashed my face. I laughed and she also laughed.

I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy. I could feel her trimmed bushes. I inserted my finger in her pussy and was so wet. she didn’t seem to bothered even if I place my hand in her pussy.

It was well lubricated with her juices and flowing out. So I inserted a hand kerchief to absorb the excess lubricant with her concert. It went easily to my surprise.

So it will be huge life for a 7.5 inch cock as the juices were still oozing out ofthe volcano. I have inserted a small piece of dairy milk chocolate into her pussy and started to sucking her clitoris, slipping my tongue, slowly massaged it.

I began to move my tongue over her pussy lips. Sailu moaned and exclaimed, “Oh God, that feels so good to me.” At the same time, I inserted my three fingers one by one and giving strokes.. Even tho its loose pussy and its easy for one more ..

She shouted not to put any more. I kept fingering ..“Krish, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, aaaahhhhh,” and I went to her love hole and drank all her cum.

After relaxing for some time, she got up smiled and said thanks for the great orgasm. She got sat down on the bed and asked me to stand, removed my all my cloths.

She grabbed my dick and slowly started to lick and suck it. I kept playing with her big milky boobs. I told her I was about to cum. She told me to go head. And she keeps sucking me. She keep suck still and drinking my cum. .

Further, she said, “Your cock hasn’t been in my pussy yet and I am really tiered to do anything now and can’t wait as its already late. I have missed you really all these years “.

So we ended our session due to time constraint. I fell one should respect women’s opinion and should not force them.

I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me and we took rest for some time, vacated the room and dropped near her home.

I hope you liked my story; please send your feedbacks. Any broad-minded aunties or girls need some company or a hot chat, please contact me on e-mail ID: [email protected] TOP MOST privacy Guaranteed.