Fulfilled my desires with my senior classmate – 1

Fulfilled my desires with my senior classmate - 1

Hello, friends, I am Kumar from Andhra Pradesh, West Godavari District. Actually, I published this story earlier in the Telugu language. Now I am again publishing this in English so that other state persons can also enjoy this story.

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Coming to the story … Nearly 3 to 4 years back, I got a request from one lady in FB. I accepted her. After 2 days I got msg from her saying ” good morning”.

I replied the same. It continued for 2 more days. Then she msg me that she is my senior batchmate of nearer college while chatting. Then I recognized her college and again we started chatting more freely and become closer. In that situation, she shared her mobile number with WhatsApp also.

We started talking in Whatsapp and as well as in mobile by calling. After that nearly 15 to 20 days she shared her photo… She already saw my photo, it’s already in FB profile. Her age is 32 years and her name is Sudha, with good heavy sizes with 36, 32, 38. Her lips are in pink color.

I asked her by seeing that pic, did you applied lipstick. She told no I didn’t and told I will not use any cosmetics or go to the beauty parlor.

She told, that she just go to parlor for eyebrows shaping that’s it. But in the photo, she was very nice and looks gorgeous. But she is a little bit fatty.

Then she told about her college life, then after marriage, she shifted to Hyderabad and now she is working as a teacher in one of the famous school in Hyderabad. And her husband did as a supervisor in one of the shopping mall in Hyderabad.

She had one daughter studying in the same school where she is working. In that way, I also shared my college days and present condition and how I came to this Indian Army.

Like this, the days passed and we became closer. Calls become more significant in our lives. Daily we use to talk nearly 2 to 3 hrs in the evening time before her husband comes.

Her husband timing from morning 7.30 to evening 7.30 he will be out and her timing for school 8.30 to evening 3.30. Sunday holiday for both of them and she use to call me for only 5 to 10 mins during Sunday times by hiding herself or when her husband is out.

One day her husband went out of the station on work… And on the same day, I was also on night duty. We continued our talking till nearly 8.30 to 9 at night. She slowing asked me whether I am interested in her or loving her.

I kept silent.

She again asked me. I don’t love means it’s ok, but I cannot marry you bcoz already you are married and having a daughter. As a friend, I can love you and share all my views and happiness.

She directly asked again, do you like me.

I told yes. I asked why you are asking me.

She replied by your talking I got that impression and that why I asked you.

I told ok. Then I told yes I really like you but you are 3 to 4 yrs elder than me even though I don’t know… I am interested in you so much nowadays.

She kept silent.