Fulfilled my desires with my senior classmate – 2

Fulfilled my desires with my senior classmate - 2

I slowly asked about her sex life and she was silent. I asked her to share it without hesitation. Slowly she started telling about her husband that he will fuck her nearly 2 to 3 mins and no oral sex or kissing and that too he can’t even satisfy her. She told me that her husband even consulted with a doctor but of no use.

By talking that I asked will you give a chance to me. She asked for What.

I kept silent. She asked What chance you want, tell me clearly.

I said to satisfy you…

Then she became silent and told will talk to me tomorrow and kept the phone. Like this, our talks continued up-to midnight. Then we both bid Good night and went to bed. At 2 am I woke up and called her.

She asked What happened and why you called me at this time.

I replied one of the reason is I am not getting sleep and other is your husband is not there so I called. I asked for a kiss, but she refused. I requested…

She told not now, other time she will… So I didn’t force her and slept again. I again asked in the evening while we are talking, about her sex life. I asked What kind of sex ur husband does, finish it in 2 to 3 mins. And what a life you are living.? That’s why I am asking u to give me only one chance… I am not forcing or not taking any advantage… Think and give me reply. And finished our conversation for that day.

Next day also we talked as usual and before to say bye on that day. I asked her to think all night and to answer me tomorrow abt our matter I said.

Next day we started talking, she only raised that topic and said when u get to leave, come to meet me. By that, I got a full decision of her. So I planned to leave and went to Hyderabad by informing my parents that I am doing to meet my friend… She gave me her address and said to stay there at one of the nearest theatres.

I reached the theatre and called her, she came after her husband and daughter went. She looked so beautiful and cute to look but short in height. Her eyes were hungry and lips are so cute in lite pink color offering to suck and bite it.

Then I asked where to go now.

She said, “To my home.”

I asked, “will it be safe?”

She told, “It is safe till evening 7.30, so there is no problem.”

We then both went to her house. It was an apartment. We entered her house. She showed her house fully and prepared breakfast for me. I took bath first and then breakfast. Then we sat in the bedroom and started talking.

While talking I slowly started catching her hand and body slowly. She is feeling shy and smiling as a new bride with shy. Then I told her to come and sit on my lap. She sat with shy and I started pressing her boob’s from behind.

She was feeling shy and slowly started cooperating with my act. Slowly I told her to go and sit on the bed. I too slowly reached the bed. And my hands started slowly moving through her entire body. Slowly I started removing her dress one by one. And stopped when she was only in her panty and bra.

She was feeling shy by my act and slowly I removed her bra, and made her boob’s (36) free and started pressing and sucking one. I sucked for 10 to 15 mins and then removed her panty. Her cut means her virgin (rose flower) so beautiful in rose and pink color looks so cute and wonderful. I was stunned bcoz I liked it very much. It’s really good to see and beautiful. Now she is fully nude with no clothes on her body. I also removed my shirt and pant and all and become nude.

By all this act she is enjoying and feeling shy and smiling with full shy. By seeing her sexy smile and shy, I am getting more and more mood and I started sucking her boob’s and pressing them and also sucking her pink lips and slowly hugging and tightening her body by holding tightly and kissing everywhere and making her horny and mood to increase her vagina water. That means rose milk.

And after she increased her body heat, I slowly went down and started sucking her pussy. Wahhhhh so tasty and lovely to taste and it’s so juicy to taste. I sucked fully and drink all her juices. By doing this act, she started moaning and raising her hip, up and down with full horny and moaning with full mood… She was sounding haaa… haaaa… Humm… Abbbaaaaa… Haaaaaa… Plzzzz… Haas’s… Heeeeee… like this…

By hearing this sounds I increased my act and sucked her lips and boob’s and start biting her boob’s and lips and made her hornier.

Then I told her to suck mine. She took my ice fruit and placed in her mouth and started sucking slowly. I feel in heaven and she did it for 10 mins and I told will you take cum in her mouth. She told I didn’t drink till now. I told to try it once.

She told OK. Then she sucked ghastly and I did with my hands and dropped the ice fruit juice in her mouth.

She drank all the juice and sucked them fully without wasting a single drop of cum. I asked how is it?