Fulfilled my desires with my senior classmate – 3

Fulfilled my desires with my senior classmate - 3

She smiled with shy and told nice and it is a romantic taste and I want more. And by kissing and I started again loving her boob’s, lips, hips, buttock,  and her full body, and mine raised. I slowly went on her placed my dick in her pussy.

Slowly I insert in her and started doing up and down motion. She started moaning haaa…., haaaa….., haaaaa….., hummmm…., hummmmm, abbaaaaaa, aaaaaaa…., hummmmmmmmmm, haaaaaaaa….. .

By hearing her moaning I increased my speed and sounds of my fruit and her rose touching heard tapak, tapak and increased the sound in the room with watering sound of tapak tapak and she was enjoying a lot and me too.

By seeing her expressions and moaning I am getting more mood to fuck her and feel more proud because of her beauty. Her body and her features and every item are wonderful to taste and to bite it.

She is cooperating in every act of mine and enjoying herself. Because her husband is hopeless and she didn’t taste this type of sexual pleasure till now. By fucking her for about 40 to 45 mins I told I am about to cum.

She told to drop the cum outside and not to dump in her pussy. I told OK and as per her request, I dropped my juice on her body. On Belly dot.

Then I asked how she enjoyed. She told that she really don’t know that sex will be like this and how good and nice it tasted. And this is her first time tasting this type of sex and was feeling angry and scolding her husband for keeping her hungry till now.

She kissed me and gave smooch and thanked me for giving her such a wonderful feeling of sex which took her to heaven. She herself went down and took my dick into her hands and started kissing and took it into her mouth and started sucking.

She was doing that act as a professional and licking the tip of the dick with her tongue. By this act, I started pressing her boob’s and tights and made her come on to me and inserted my dick into her pussy. She sat on my top and started to move up and down enjoying the sex position.

By doing this act for 10 to 15 mins I made her bend and placed by behind and started doggy style my favorite position. I started enjoying and by seeing by enjoyment she also started her moving and Moaning heavy and I pumped heavily and giving her full enjoyment.

She was moaning haaaaaaaa….., haaaaaaaa……, hummmmmm……, hummmmmm,,,,,, abbbaaaaaaaaa… hhhaaaaaaaaa….. By this hot act, I dropped my juice inside her pussy. After realizing that I told that I had forgotten to drop my cum outside.

She told no problem, for one time its nothing happens… You don’t worry. Then we saw the time, it’s 14.30 more and we took lunch and rested for half an hr, by talking. And again started our act, now this time 69 position.

This act was very new for her and she was enjoying every bit of action of mine. We did now in sideways position and then both in sitting position and I asked I want to try her anal hole. She said ok.

I applied oil on her back hole and figured for something and two figures and after that, I applied oil for my ice fruit and started inserting in her rose. It is so tight. I again tried, she told me that it is hurting a lot. I can see the pain on her face.

So I stopped this anal fucking and started fucking her in missionary position by climbing on her which made her more hungry… Then at the end, she took me in doggy style. She told that she saw a sign of happiness in my eyes while I was fucking her in that position and so I started fucking her in doggy position by bending down.

My fruit was reaching her pussy deep inside and she was enjoying my fucking. She was moaning a lot like haaaaa… haaaaaa… hummmmmm… abbbbaaaaaaa…

By these sounds, I increased my speed and was about to cum. But this time she told to drop all of my dick juice in her mouth as she wanted to taste my cum. She drank all the juice and she kissed very passionately before I left her… And went to Secunderabad Railway Station for my train.

This my story friends, I met her two times and once in a hotel and other time are the same at her house. Many of the housewives may not be experienced the real taste of sex life. I promise u all aunties and Bhabis, I will maintain secrecy and secure our relationship, even it happens once or many times.

I am not like other men, to take advantage of your life or anything. I really take care of u in this meet. So don’t hesitate or don’t feel shame to contact, think and take a step to enjoy life. Life comes only once, so take the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

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