First time lesbian sex encounter with mother’s friend


Hello FSI people! This sex story is about my first lesbian sex encounter with my mother’s friend. Let me give you my introduction first. My name is Deepali Sharna 18 yr old girl who stays in Mumbai with my parents and two sisters. Our family was a very middle class family who use to focus more time on studies and work. I was the elder sister in my family and was the most beautiful in our group of three. A well shaped body in young age 32 24 36 use to make my fair beauty look like a princess.

I was from a good family and use to concentrate on studies so never had time for boyfriends and love. I did not knew anything about sex. Fact of the matter I was a pure virgin and never ever thought I will lose my virginity so early till I met someone. One day one of my mom’s friend visited our house to invite on her daughter’s wedding. I was not at home that time but when I reached from college I saw one fair lady in silk saree and low cut blouse was sitting on sofa. She looked totally relaxed.

As soon as i reached her eyes were recording me from top to bottom. I was in pink top and black skirt. She gave me a smile. That day I did not find any weird but I was unaware of what life had stored for me. My mom introduced me to her that sunita is her childhood friend and also my introduction was given. Her name was sunita who was surprised as she was unaware that her friend had so beautiful daughter.

That day passed and I also forgot sunita aunty and was busy with my regular stuff. One day it happened that my parents went to native place for relative wedding. They took both my sisters and I stayed back as i wanted to complete my college projects. I was alone in house for a week so to spend time I use to watch tv, try different clothes in front of mirror so that I should not get bored.

I was busy in my usual private fun other day, door bell rang I went to check who was der. To my surprise it was sunitha aunty in silk red saree, she had come to meet mom but when she came to know her absence she was disappointed, I gave her to drink water and she was watching tv. I told her that im going for bath so you sit till then. She agreed as i went for bath. I took fifteen minutes for bath but when I was back my eyes were shocked as i saw sunita aunty was rubbing my private bra and panty between her legs and was smelling them. It was my big mistake as i left my innerwear in bedroom when I was changing again and again for fun.That was not enough as now sunitha aunty saw me while she was busy with her hotness. It was now a big mistake than a previous one. Now I was afraid how to react.

I angrily asked her. What are you doing aunty with my clothes? Sunitha aunty was in no mood to listen. She forcefully pulled me close, removed my towel which I used to cover my body after bath. Before I could react again she started smooching me like a hungry animal. I did not respond properly but I was feeling new sensensation between my legs. Slowly my nude body was in her arms and she pushed me on bed. Within seconds she was kissing my legs, she came up and started licking biting my nipples, that felt me awesome. Sunita aunty sucked my boobs and chewed my nipples as if she wanted milk.

Then she licked my beautiful navel and was kissing my upper thighs, I was in tears as it was first time of mine. I could feel some wetness in my panty between legs. Suddenly I wanted more but was afraid as was not aware of it. Before I could think much more sunitha aunty turned me back on bed, kisses my back removes panty in one go. She just put her finger in my ass hole in and out, licks my ass kisses my buttocks. All this was making me feel fire between my legs. I felt I precumed in panty which gave me new pleasure.

Sunitha aunty removed all her clothes and came between my legs. I was wondering what next? And she surprised me again by putting her tongue in my pussy. She was licking my pink pussy lips with her red tongue. A current pass through my body as she licked more and more I was shivering with pain and pleasure. I wanted her tongue more and more in my pussy so I was pushing her head in mine. Excitement and pleasure was such that my juices was flowing from pussy and I was moaning like a mad girl. Sunitha aunty did not stop she licked all juices and continued sucking in and out of pussy.

I was so horny that I wanted someone to fuck me hard. Sunitha aunty started fingering me. First one, then two and then three, I was screaming with pleasure. She was kissing me on lips passionately, my juices again came out on all fingers of sunitha aunty. I was on bed with no energy left. I was sleeping in doggy position and sunitha aunty was licking my ass. Sunitha aunty in no time removed her panty and pushed my head between her legs. Now it was my time to taste the fruit. I started licking her pussy, it was salty and hot. I kept my tongue busy in and out and the rest was done by her pussy, the smell of cum was awesome it was all over my face and mouth. I just keep licking ang sucking it. It was a new experience for me.

That pleasure which I had with her that day I will never be able to forget in my life.That was my first one. I never had such sexual feelings and satisfaction. I was very happy as she fulfilled my fantasy in young age. I would love to know response for my first story. This is my favorite website of sex stories.

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