Desi sex story of Indian wife with office guy Part III

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This story is part of a series “Desi sex story of married wife with office guy”. If you have not read the previous part you can read it here:

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Now back to the story. I pushed her on sofa. Opened her legs wide and started rubbing my penis on her pussy, she became restless and shouted at me – do it fast. I remembered the safety and immediately took condoms from my jean and asked to wore it on my cock. She said “We don’t need it” with a wink! I said “safety is priority” She smiled and took condom from my hand and wore it n my cock. Without delay I pushed her on sofa, kept my cock at her entrance and pushed it. Only my bob went inside, She is tight like a virgin. She gave a loud moan – Ammma its paining. I asked do you want me to remove it?

She said – I Fucked 6 months back as my husband left to Bangalore on work. My husband has a 4 inch small and slim dick, your cock is very big fat, don’t stop. Push it completely. I felt proud, pulled out my cock a little and pushed it again, half of my cock was inside now. She shouted very big as her pussy was broken, I pulled it out and pushed it again and now full penis entered her valley and she gave a big moan. AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmaaaaaaaa

I slept on her and kissed her lips for 5 mins without moving. After 5 mins her pain is gone and she started to give strokes from down. I started giving her strokes from up. Slowly I increased speed and she is moaning heavily with little pain and pleasure. I fucked her heavily for 15 mins and she already had her 2nd orgasm. I felt like I will cum very soon, so stopped fucking her. I changed my position and brought her above me in cowgirl position and asked her to fuck me. She gave strokes for 5 mins and slept on me. I understood that she is tied and started giving strokes from down. She was shocked and asked me you still didn’t cum. I smiled and said, How will I cum without fucking you for another 30 mins. She gave a smile and kissed me on my lips while I continued to give her strokes from bottom. I stopped again when I was about to cum and changed position.

I fucked her for another 15 mins in a missionary position. She had her 3rd orgasm. She said she can’t take it anymore in her pussy. Its more than 45 mins since I was fucking her pussy very hard. I felt pity for her and removed my cock out. She took my cock in hand and removed condom on it and said don’t worry I will satisfy you. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She sucked it for 5 mins, I was about to cum, I told her, but she was in no mood to listen to me. She sucked it faster and deeper, I lost my control and cummed in her mouth. I thought she will spit it out, instead, she chewed it and gulped it completely and licked my cock dry until she sucked every drop from my cock.

I hugged her very tight and kissed her lips for 5 mins. She is very happy and said thank you to me. I asked why thanks? She “I always wanted to get fucked like this from my college days. But my husband has a small dick and he will finish sex in 5-10 mins and will sleep. I have never sucked his dick. I always wanted someone to give love to my whole body and wanted to suck his cock and taste his cum. Today my dream fulfilled because of you. Thank you so much”
I hugged her again and gave her a french kiss for 10 mins. I saw the time was 12:30. We have been fucking for last 2 hours. She asked me to stay with her till Monday morning as her parents took her son to their native place and will return only on Monday evening. So there is nobody to stop us for next 2 days.

I will tell you in my next post how we spent that 2 days in her home all naked and How she fulfilled all her fantasies with me for 6 months. Sadly she left to Bangalore last month to live with her husband due to force from her family. Please write your comments and feedback about this incident from my life to [email protected] I am currently single and looking to mingle. If any one interested from Hyderabad please email me. But on 1 condition. My relationship should be kept very confidential and no strings attached.

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