Saving my job by getting fucked by Boss – 1

Rekha !!!! As usual, you are late. Time and again I have been telling you to keep the office timing. You are not the only one having a family, we all do too but still, you need to try to reach in time. Once again it was Anant Kumar, my boss yelling at me.

I quietly said sorry and went back to my desk. This was now a regular feature, last week Mr. Kumar had come till my desk and reprimanded me for late coming. I could not help it….being a mother of 2 small kids aged 6 and 3 it was really difficult for me, getting them ready and leaving them at the babysitter.

Omg!!! These men will never understand. I get up at 5 in the morning get the food ready and then wake up the kids get them ready and still am unable to make it to office in time.

The office timings are from 9 to 5.30 and I end up reaching at around half past ten every day. My hubby too goes late, he does try to help me out a bit but it’s just a bit. Neither I have the support of my in-laws nor my parents…and coming to work is another hell with public transport and all.

Hubby is always frustrated cause he does not get the intimacy and I get too tired by housework and office work hitting the bed daily at half-past twelve and managing just about 6 hrs sleep. Hubby would say so what so many women do this if you can’t manage quit your job…..but the job was my identity and I have worked hard all these years…started work in this multinational about 18 years back and now am getting this kind of treatment.

Though we have flexible hours and I do carry office work home too and despite getting my husband bugged have diligently completed all my assignments but still, Anant Kumar was not happy.

Somehow this has been my professional life. I have had about 6-7 bosses and except 2 of them, none of the others have ever been happy with my work. How is that????

Madam!!! Saab bula rahe hain ??? Prakash the office boy told me….I got up and went in. so have you completed yourself appraisal sheets then let’s get your performance appraised, Mr. Kumar said the moment I entered his cabin.

He was asking some official questions then some personal questions like how long I have worked here when I get married, why I married so late etc…Nothing in line with my job or the appraisal. I think you should quit, take voluntary retirement or go to another department, Kumar was saying.

I said but sir…why? see Rekha none of your bosses have been happy with your work, you have just got 2 promotions in all these 18 years this shows how good a worker you are. What training have you done, what extra efforts you have put in to upgrade yourself?
I said I have completed 2 training this year and as for upgrading, I am quite happy with my job profile and would like to continue in this department only …maybe you can give me a few more assignments.

No….your rating…I cannot give anything better than a B.

But sir I have completed all the assignments in time despite reaching late. You are only seeing my late coming, have you ever noticed the extra hours in the evening which I put in to complete the work or the work which I carry home so that there is no delay in any payment processing…..I replied little strongly….

So you are arguing…Anant retorted !!!. I would transfer you to another department better still with your habitual late coming I would recommend your name for an early retirement…be at home cooking and watching your kids….he was sternly telling and glaring at me…. Weeks and months of constant pressure just got me worked up and tears started welling in my eyes.

All these 18 years of my career I have never lost control…but that day I started sobbing and the room became silent with Mr. Kumar was just staring at me….he got up, came beside me and said…hey sorry, just calm down and offered me a glass of water…

I took a sip and then he sat in his chair. For some minutes he was silent then he asked me is this job really important to you… I said yes….why?? he asked softly…I just muttered…I like it, it gives me a sense of identity and moreover due to my small kids I prefer this location as its close to my home…….okay okay….so you want to continue in my department or else you would have to travel till HO every day.

Our head office is town side about 2-hour travel from my house said yes…. Ok, you may go, we shall continue when you are in a better frame of mind…with this Kumar went back to make a few calls.

It was already late 5.50pm, I was just getting ready to leave when the intercom buzzed, Rekha…could you come to my cabin lets finish your appraisal. I went in… for a few minutes he was just looking at me ….then he said… I can empathize with your situation.
Even me and wife we both are working and I can understand the problems raising the kids….but you know I have to answer my superior…so Rekha in what way can you improve your work so that your bosses can get happy.

I said sir, you please tell me, I am ready for any new assignment but I have to be in this office.ok…said Mr. Kumar… how much extra effort can you put in.??

I said whatever you say, Sir…

Look, Rekha, please don’t take me otherwise but like I said you need to justify your work and a good appraisal from me, your review is done by Mr. Dutta and you know he never ever refuses my recommendation. So let me be straight…how can you make your work such that it makes me happy….Mr. Anant Kumar was telling me but his eyes were fixed on my chest for a few seconds and then he was looking out of the window.