Saving my job by getting fucked by Boss – 3

I was just leaving…when Archana shouted, arre Rekha aaj ye mogambo itna accha kaise bol raha hain. He asked me to tell you to take care…..

I just said maybe he is in a good mood.

I was carrying my laptop and hailed an auto and reached his housing complex. I was literally shaking with fear and an unknown excitement. Though I knew what’s going to happen I was wondering and wishing it’s all a dream and not real.

Mr. Kumar lived on the 14th floor. I took the lift and rang his bell. After a few minutes, Mr. Kumar opened the door. He said…ahh…Mrs.Rekha Bhaskar…welcome. Make yourself comfortable…I will just be back saying he went to his other room…..I sat in the hall and in fact, I had just seen his face. He returned and only then I saw, Mr. Kumar was in his shorts, jockey shorts with a t-shirt.

He smiled and said …what you will have…. And mockingly asked me coffee, tea or… ??? I said no sir I just had lunch…… ok have some juice saying this he got 2 glasses of orange juice. I was just sipping the juice…he finished him and then he said…ok…if you are ready Rekha…..laptop layi ho…ok…chalo appraisal finish karte hain.

His house was neat and then he said…aao Rekha I will show you my ….flat….I went behind him…he showed me his kids room, neat with a desktop and then showed the kitchen which was again well maintained. Then he said let’s finish the work in my bedroom …come Rekha…chalega leave your laptop I will use mine…. I followed him into the bedroom…

The room was quite spacious and the ac was on…the room had a large double bed in the center with a huge 42” television. he had his laptop put on in the side table and then he changed the channel to Hindi songs….the old Hindi song playing was from Victoria no 402…thoda sa tehro……

I was just standing when he came from behind and held my hand….I tried to pull back but he held my waist from behind….he was so near me… and I just could not do anything…I was just standing and somehow I was getting all worked up…. My morning horniness and he was caressing my tubby over my shirt.

He just came in front and hugged me…on an impulse I too held him…Mr. Kumar was about my height slightly more about 5’8”. He kissed me on my forehead and cheeks and just then his phone rang….he saw behind it was his wife on the line….he went to take the call.
That moment I saw his body….he had slim legs, but hairy legs and even his arms had a lot of hair….having finished his call he sat on the bed and called me…aao rehab…meri jaan aao mere pass…. I just went and stood near him… Mr. Kumar got up and again embraced me…this time his hands were moving on my ass and his lips started nibbling my ears….

I was getting slowly turned on …he started pressing my ass over the jeans and I could feel his hardness hitting the front of my jeans. She pulled my face up and tried kissing me on the lips… I tried to move but he kissed me forcefully… then two and two put together I was reciprocating his kiss and as usual, without my will, my tongue went inside his mouth and we were kissing like lovers and his one hand now started pressing my ass and the other was slowing making its way to my right boob.

His right palm was caressing and pressing my boob over my shirt and we were still kissing and exchanging saliva. He suddenly stopped and started unbuttoning my shirt…I was hesitating but within no time I was in my bra and jeans…..his hands were now unbuckling my belt and pulling my jeans down…but he could not as it was stretch jeans…… I pushed him slightly and sat down on the bed …removing my jeans…now I was in my bra a panty…my blue colored flowered panties which now had some wet match and my light blue colored padded bra which was giving my cleavage an added boost.

Mr. Kumar just stood up and was staring at me…..lovely Rekha…at this age….you are 38 right… have maintained yourself well…just that tummy needs to reduce but still, it looks sexy on you saying this he removed his t shirt…..his crotch was swollen and am sure his dick was hard inside his jockey.

There was a visible small bump…he did not make any move…….was just staring at me…I was staring at him… he had black tufts on hair on his chest….he was very hairy almost like a bear….lean built….not muscular lean very lean …he had slight fat on his belly but it too was covered by hair.

Only now I saw he was slightly balding in the crown, unknowingly I just gulped my saliva….I have never seen any man having so much hair on his chest. I mean Bhaskar was almost hairless in that department and I had a fantasy of hairy men but hairy muscular men..Not such creepy lean men like Mr. Kumar…but now there seemed to be no turning back for me …I had to endure …..Seeing Mr. Kumar, I thought…ok…this guy is just a hairy ape …his built is not even t as much my hubby and without the hairs Mr. Kumar would look like a college teenager.

I said to myself….this would be over soon. This guy just cannot even match my hubby, even if he comes on top of me it would look like a kid climbing a momma….I just smiled….kyat hue rehab…he asked …bringing me out of my moment….he was already near me and starting kissing my cleavage and pressing my boobs… small 34 b cup boobs are my sensitive point….

I normally start getting wet when my boobs are played with and now Kumar Was pressing them and was kissing me… all of a sudden he removed my bra clasps and lo I was topless and his lips were on my left nipple and right hand was pressing my right boob …