Sex with a Kannada teacher

Sex with a Kannada teacher

Firstly, I am Shushan from a state of Karnataka. This incident is about when I was in 10th standard. Without wasting the time I am telling you a beautiful story about my sex experience with my teacher named “Ganga”. The beautiful women with perfect tits and a super outcome structure.

The incident happened while she used to chat with me on FB. During the initial days I used to chat with her regularly and after some days we chatted about our hobbies and a few of our personal lives.

After all, it was boring so I made a plan to drop out somewhere with her and I asked her to go out with me. She agreed to my proposal and she said ok .. On Sunday we went to a zoo. And there we roamed a little. It was in June so the rain started suddenly. We both got under a big tree and there we stood about 15mins talking something-something.

After some time my mind flashed that I asked her a simple kiss on my cheeks in the texts about 10days ago. As soon as I remembered that, I asked her to give me a kiss. Madam came across like giving me a french kiss and by that time my mind was lost so we hugged and locked our lips … Now the distance between me and my madam disappeared. She whispered in my ear that she is hungry for a long time and she needs a fuck right now.

As soon as I heard this I said ok my baby I will give you everything that you want.

As soon as the rain stopped, we hurried up there and we went to her house. There was no one in her home. I was too surprised seeing no one was there. After entering her home she removed my t-shirt and also my jeans and took my penis in her mouth…

After 15minutes I removed her top —oh my god her boobs are so stiff and big, by seeing that I sucked boobs and her vagina too.

She started screaming “fuck me, eat my cunt bloody bastard,”

After that, I opened her legs wider and put my cock in her hole. Firstly I was fucking slowly and then I started increasing the speed. She was so beautiful that I came to 2minutes only. After that, she took my cock and kept in her mouth and sucked it.  After the 5minutes of sucking, my weapon was ready to fight again.

So I decided to fuck her in a different position which I used to see in the porn movies. And at the time I got a position in my mind to fuck her by standing and making her legs upwards. So I placed my cock in front and rubbed it for the 2minutes.

She was in the hurry, so she said fuck me, please. I am glad that my student is fucking me. Fuckkkkk me, dear.

I entered my cock in her hole for the second time and she screamed. But she was enjoying the new position mine. Then I fucked her slowly and raised the speed of my penis. Along with, I was pressing her left boob by my right hand. she too was touching my body and was enjoying my fucking style too. I was unable to see her lustiness for the sex and so I removed my cock and kept in her mouth and fucked her mouth. After 15mins I came in her mouth and on boobs too.

She was so happy that she needs one more fuck and she pleaded me to fuck one more time I said ok and took her boobs and licked harder and bitten her ass and also pressed her nipples after 15mins I was ready to fuck her with the standing penis after that we went on the 69position.

Her juice was so tasty that I licked it for 15mins and I put my penis in her mouth and then we started the third sex session. Now I fucked her in a doggy style which she gave me the trick how to fuck from behind.

I followed her nicely and I put my penis inside her hole from the backside and I was successful to hit her harder from the back. As I started to fuck in full swing, she said, slow yar plz my pussy will tear today, fuck me. Being my teacher, with full respect I started to fuck slowly.

But after some time she said fuck me harder.

Now by hearing that I started to fuck her faster now. Her words changed into screams. By hearing those screams I became uncontrollable. I pressed her ass harder by my hand and held her hairs and started to fuck her like a dog.

I am the boy who fucked my teacher for no purpose. After all, I was very happy to fuck her from behind and it was very easy to fuck her in doggy style as she was having some big round asses. It was so perfect that my rod goes deep in without any problems.

I came after 20mins of hardcore fucking and I was tired too. So I said I need a bath.

So she took me to her bathroom and we bathed together naked and came out of the bath. I kissed her lips and slept naked together for 2hours. Woke up after my parent called me up over the phone. So I said I wanna go.

She said ok baby go, let’s have some more fun from tomorrow and we hugged and I kissed her goodbye.

From the next day, I fucked her anytime at her home and we both went for the hotels of different cities to enjoy our sex life and fucked her at late nights too. She used me to call now also. And I go to her home and bang her and return.

Thank u all the readers for giving the time. Love u all, hope u enjoyed it.