Sex with Monika ma’am – 2

She got up, hold my hand and took me to the washroom. Luckily the sofa near the stairs that we were sitting was the only spot in the reception which was not visible on camera. And washroom was another spot like that.

I closed the door and got her face in my hands kissing her. I pushed her on the wall and removed her saree while kissing her. I got my hands on her boobs, opened her blouse and removed it. She got her hands on my shirt and started to open the buttons. I also helped her and removed my shirt.

We were kissing and she was moving her hands on my chest and back. And I was holding her waist in my hands. I untied her Ghaghara and got my hands on her butt over her panties. I got my both thumbs in her panty, holding her butt and kissing her. And got her panties down. I removed it and got my hands on her thighs.

I got my left hand on her butt and right on her waist and slowly moved my right hand towards her naked pussy. I was still kissing her, so I hadn’t seen her pussy. I moved my right hand slowly from her waist to her abdomen area towards her pussy.

The body was so smooth and straight. I reached her pussy lips and it was all cleaned and shaved and so soft. As I touched her pussy, she got her right hand on my shoulder and left on my back and we pressed our lips on each other.

As I entered my finger in her pussy, she raised a bit up, scratched my shoulder and back with her nails and opened her mouth with a soft ‘ahhhhh’. I bite her lower lip when she opened her mouth and got my left hand on her back and pushed her to me and entered my two fingers all in her, as deep as I could.

She got her nails in my skin and got her body pressed on me and bitted my lips. I fingered her and she stayed I same position, rising up and with my lip between her teeth. I pressed her head on the wall with my head and got my head a bit back.

I looked her in the eyes and pressed my lips tight on her lips and got back. We looked in eyes and she went down. She unbuttoned my pants and removed my shots. My dick was hard rock by now. She got it in her hand and got my dick top in her mouth. She got the top wet and spread it all over my dick. She took my dick in her mouth and gave me the greatest blowjob.

She took my whole dick in her mouth, 6.4 inches deep in her mouth. She gave me a hot blowjob. In about 3 mins I was about to cum but she hasn’t t stopped yet and I came it all in her mouth and face. She gave me some more strokes and kissed on my dick and stood up. I kissed her and got her boobs in my hands.

I sucked her boobs and got her tits between my lips. I went down kissing her flat beautiful belly to her pussy and place my lips on her pussy and started to lick it and suck it. I entered my tongue in her pussy. She got my head in her hand and pressed it to her pussy. After getting her pussy, I got up. I kissed her boobs.

I placed my lips on her lips and kept my dick on her pussy. I got her left leg with my right hand and raise her leg up and pushed my dick in her pussy. I started to stroke and slowly took the pace. I got my left hand on her boob and pressed her body on the wall and started stroking the hardest. Her slow moaning was now changing into screams.

She got her right hand on my waist with force and another on her mouth. But she wasn’t able to control her screams so I slow down as we were in school. She relaxed a bit and rested her body on me. I got her in my arms and hugged her. I was kissing her neck and shoulder.

She got back and looked at me and we smiled. She got on the floor and I came over her. I inserted my dick in her pussy and just lied on her, hugging her. She asked me what happened and I replied, asking, can I cum in you.

She said, ‘ but, without condom!?’. I gave her a confused reaction 😕. She thought for a small moment and kissed me. I was happy and up. I started to stroke and so took the pace. It was getting very hard for her control her screams but I didn’t stop.

She closed her mouth with her hands. I was in my pace and in 6-7 mins was about to cum. I realized all my hot cum in her. I closed my eyes and got my body down on her with my dick still in her pussy.

She got her hands on my back and hugged me. I got up and looked at her. We kissed and I sat there with the wall. She got up and sat near me. I looked at her and lied on her lap. She got her hand on my chest and started to moved it around. She took her hands to my shoulder where she marked with her nails.

We looked at each other. I looked at her naked boobs just in front of me and started laughing. She closed my eyes with her hand. She bends and kissed me on the cheek and then my shoulder. She got up and started wearing her clothes.

I got up, took her in my arms and kissed her. I got dressed up before her. She washed her face, wore her saree. She was putting some cream on her face and then lipstick then maybe some kajal and some hundred more things. Lol. I was standing there looking all this.

I couldn’t control and started laughing. Finally after years of waiting she got ready. And we left from the rear gate of the school. I was getting late so first I went to the market got my documents photocopied and then reached the college, submitted my documents at the very last minutes of college being get closed.

Returning, towards her home, we were at a quiet road. I stopped the car aside. She asked me, ‘ what happened?’. I went forward, took her boob in her hand and kissed her.

She pushed me back and stopped me with those big eyes, ‘ Jatin !’. It was about 6:30 pm but still was a lot of light around. I started laughing and I drove to her house. She gave me a hug.

I went for a kiss but she gave a kiss in my cheek and got off the car. Saying goodbye I went home.

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