Sex with twin teachers

Sex with twin teachers

Hi, guys, I am Akil from Bangalore I am 22 and 5.9 is my height good looking and I am a student this is the story how I fucked my twin teachers who are very beautiful.

My teachers are Rina and Tina, both of them are of the same age. Rina is the elder one, aged about 29. Both of them are very similar to each other. They are 5.6 and 5.7 respectively, slim bodies with perfect boobs and perfect round shaped asses.

When she walks, everyone will definitely look at their ass they are so good they are beautiful.

I am very friendly with girls and the teachers are very close to me. One day Tina called me and said to go to her home and give some medicines to her sister Rina as she was sick and need some medicines.

I went to their 2 bedroomed house. The door was open and she was sleeping in bed wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Rina ass was in perfect position and her t-shirt was up as she was sleeping.

I got horny but I went near her and called her. She woke up and I gave her medicines. After that, I was about to leave but she said wait she will make something to eat.

She was walking towards the kitchen but she fell on the wall. I ran and held her. Her soft breast touched my hand. When I grabbed her I got hard and she noticed it. Then I took her to her bedroom to sleep and she said she wants to use the bathroom for a bath and told me to take her there.

I left her near the bathroom and after a few minutes, I heard some noise. She was on the floor and she was naked. Her round ass and her round boobs were perfect and she looked gorgeous without clothes.

She was in pain. I took her back to the room. And that time my hard cock touched her naked ass. It was an awesome moment for me but she felt embarrassed. So I left her home.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you all Rina is very shy whereas Tina is a flirty type.

After a few days of her recovery, she started to give me naughty looks and smiles in college.

One day she called me to her home when she was alone. Tina has gone somewhere so she opened the door. Wow, she was looking damn hot. She was wearing short pants and a tight t-shirt. Her nipples were clearly visible. Seeing her nipples, I got hard again.

I was checking her ass as she moved into the house. Suddenly she caught me looking at her and gave a smile. We went to her bedroom we normally chatted for some time and later she thanked for the other day.

She told that she knew I was hard at that time and asked me whether I liked her ass that much.

I said yes.

She pleasantly gave a kiss on my lips. Her lips were soft. We kissed for some minutes and I hold her boobs and started sucking them she was very sensitive she already started to moan slowly.

After that I undressed her inserted my cock in her she was totally on the pain we took it slowly she started moaning loudly now I locked her lips by kissing her and I came in her mouth she asked me wt to do with it I asked her to drink it.

Rina drank it and we laid on the bed cuddling each other I was drinking her milk and suddenly we hear door sound we dressed quickly it was Tina she was back she saw and asked us y it took long to answer the door we somehow managed that day and I left after sometime.

Afterward, Rina was dressing sexier now she started teasing me by her ass and now both Rina and Tina started same cloths as they were twins it was difficult to tell between them whenever we had a chance we had sex in her house and sometimes she gave blowjob in college it was awesome.

one day only Tina came to college Rina was not there I asked Tina why Rina teacher didn’t come she gave a naughty smile and went away.

I bunked in college went to their house Rina opened the door wow she was only on her bar and small panties her milky body seeing her boobs I got hard and jumped on her directly I didn’t even let her talk I kissed her hungrily all over her body.

I took her to bed crazy kissing her she gave herself to me I pressed her boobs and removed her pants I inserted my cock I was tight for some reason she was loudly moaning in pain and pressure as I fucked for 15 minutes .

We saw someone in the door it was Tina teacher she shouted at me wt the fuck I was doing fucking her sister my teacher in her bedroom in she said
Me – I was trying to cover myself.
Tina – I will complain to your parents u fucker.
Me – no no, please.
Tina – literally in control of the situation she was on me then suddenly.
Rina – stop it sis, we were just in good part u ruined it…
Me – I didn’t know what they were talking…
Rina – come on Rina join us ur boy is waiting for you…
Me – I was confused why would Rina call Tina as Rina then Rina one I was caught having sex said yes Akil that is Rina I am Tina…
Me – then u both fooled me ha…
Rina – who just came gave me a kiss and said my love I was the one in college u got confused me as Tina and fucked her instead of me.
Tina – yeah sis, you are right she is really good I couldn’t even resist him he was awesome
Rina – yeah Akil the first time u saw me naked I told Tina everything has we r twins we share everything and Tina planned our first sex and went out that day.
Me – I was smiling now
Tina – that is y we both dressed same to confuse u come baby on the bed make sure to make us sister’s yours only
Me – I jumped on bed started to suck their boobs they gave me a twosome blowjob and they both offered me their gorgeous ass I fucked them in different positions I sometimes stayed in their house and used to be naked in house fucking all day each other teasing others they also gave me blowjob in college which was the best and awesome blowjob we continued sex after that .

I will continue my story after seeing reviews and comments thank you

I am in Bangalore any girls and ladies who want to have sex can mail me and boys don’t ask my darlings Rina and Tina numbers it’s private so girls mail me at [email protected]

total privacy is maintained so don’t worry so let’s have some fun chat sex romance pleasure beautifully.